Fringe and the Friday Night Death Slot

I was hoping my first blog here was going to feature cover art from my upcoming sci-fi romance release from Carina Press, but such was not to be  😦

Anyone watch Fringe?  I have to admit, I didn’t really get into it at first.  Past the first couple of episodes, I just wasn’t interested.  But hubby liked it, so he’d watch while I did other things (write, email, etc.) and eventually I got sucked back in.  Even though I haven’t been a big fan of the two Olivias storyline, I’ve watched faithfully.

Now, I’ve heard they’re moving Fringe to the Friday Night Death Slot.  It’s where TV goes to die a slow and painful death.  I’ve already watched The Good Guys expire in their ‘new’ Friday night spot.  Dollhouse was another recent victim of FNDS.  I’m pretty sure Stargate: Atlantis was banished to Friday night, too.  And, I think Firefly and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. started in the FNDS.  Clearly the networks were optimistic about them!

What I’d like to know is… if they know the show’s going to die, why don’t they just kill it?  Why torture us with hope?  They should just put something else in the FNDS.

See, now, what about this?  (And take it as a given I have no idea how syndication or residuals work.)  Let’s take January 14 as an example.  Pick random year and rebroadcast something else that aired on January 14 in say… 1985.  Or 1997.  Or 2001.  It could be a soap opera, or a sit com, or a drama.  It would be a complete surprise.  They couldn’t call it Mystery Theatre (I’m pretty sure PBS has dibs on that) but they could find a similar name.  That would be fun, wouldn’t it?  And certainly less depressing than watching the death throes of favourite show as it slides into obscurity.

KC Burn



  1. I do hate the Friday Night Death Slot, but at least the extra episodes give the creators some time to bring the story to some kind of conclusion.

    I was kind of surprised Fringe lasted this long, really. Sci-fi doesn’t historically do well on network TV, and Fox is really bad about killing them early.

    1. True, it is kinda nice if they know they can wrap it up, but it’s just so depressing to watch!

  2. I haven”t seen Fringe. I’m rarely home on Friday nights, which is, I think, the case with many people. It’s the busiest night for restaurants and movies. Might explain the lack of TV viewers for that time!

    1. Hi Wynter! I agree — it’s why Saturday night TV is so atrocious also.

  3. The hubster and I love Fringe. I’m shocked that the network is moving it the FNDS. Maybe if enough fans join together, we can keep the show alive and turn FNDS into network gold.

    1. Hey Kristal! I actually think it might be helpful if the networks gave us a bit of warning that they’re considering it, you know? Because I think they’ve already made up their minds when it goes to the FNDS.

  4. Yay for new SFR blog! Wishing you much sucess.

    The FNDS has slain many a good program. Fringe is right at the top of my SciFi TV favs list and I’m heart broken to see this happen. Especially after the recent announcement of the death of SGU. SGU was clearly struggling right from the start, but at least it was SciFi TV. We truly can’t have V as the only spaceship weilding show on TV–we just can’t! Arg!!!!

    But back to the death slide. In a case like Fringe, when their is such a compelling story arc, I think it is good to let them try to wrap it up. Dollhouse knew it was getting one final season and that did allow them to give the show some sort of conclusion. In cases like SGU, where we know we are getting 10 more episodes but they were mostly produced before the cut, I don’t even want to see those episodes because I know there will be no conclusion. Did I say Arg yet?

    As for bringing back old random shows–that’s what the internet is for. 😉

    Again, good luck on your blog and more importantly, your books!

    1. Hi Charlie! Thanks so much! I COMPLETELY agree about V. I think it’s the weakest of the sci-fi shows out there. SGU was starting to get rather maudlin this season, so I saw the writing on the wall, but I thought Fringe was doing much better.

  5. It’s a shame there’s so little quality sci-fi television programming. The Scy-Fy channel has become a joke, ditching everything remotely science fiction (I miss you, Farscape!) in favor of their monster of the week movies/trainwrecks. (Sharktopus, anyone?) With so many of the top grossing movies being science fiction in nature, there HAS to be an untapped prime time demand. It just needs to be properly cultivated.

    I’ll be counting the days to the return of Torchwood. Bring on Captain Jack!

    1. Well, I have to admit (because of my inexplicable love of really bad B-movies) the Sy-Fy monster of the week movies can be amusing, but you’re right. There needs to be more proper sci-fi on TV. And I LOVE Captain Jack 🙂

  6. I love Fringe! Walter is one of my favorite TV characters ever. I agree that the whole Olivia doppelganger storyline was weak but I really hope they don’t cancel the show without some kind of resolution.

    1. Walter is a fun character. He’s so incredibly damaged, but very appealing nonetheless!

  7. Fringe is one of the most interesting shows on tv right now. And, according to the producers, it is NOT moving to Friday nights so it can die a slow and painful death.

    This is a really cool promo for the show that they released on the Fringe facebook page a few weeks back:

    1. Honestly, I’d be really happy if that’s not the case, but Friday night has a bad track record, you know?

    2. Ghost Whisperer somehow survived on Fridays for a long time. Fingers crossed!

      1. That is true… it did last for a really long time.

  8. I love Fringe! (And the Good Guys…are they going off the air, btw??). We don’t have cable but I watch the newly released episodes on hulu. Fingers crossed they don’t get moved and they don’t ‘die’. It’s such a unique show I’d hate to see it gone.

    1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but The Good Guys was canceled. So sad 😦

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