Ringing in the New Year

Am I the only one who started the new year pondering the apocalypse? Strangely, I think…probably not.

While others were popping the corks on their bubbly, I was idly thinking about the Mayan calendar and pondering such things as, does the world end at the beginning of 2012, or the end? (In truth, we either all die a fiery death on December 21, the winter solstice, or the calendar simply starts over. Which do you think will happen?)

MeteorAnd, what would really happen if the polar ice caps melted all at once? Would there be tidal waves, tsunamis and general mayhem–looting and the breakdown of the government? Would I have electricity? Most importantly, would I have central heat & air?  If I had to pick one thing I could keep when society plummets into chaos, what would it be? Soap, a razor, toothbrush, toilet paper? My new Nook Color?

I finally decided that if the world must collapse into the new dark ages, I’d prefer a big old-fashioned meteorite and another dinosaur killing ice age. Let’s just get it all over with at once in one big explosion. None of this nuclear winter stuff, radiation poisoning, and all that. I do not want zombies.

How about you? What’s your favorite type of apocalypse scenario?

Or, better yet, how did you spend your New Year’s Eve? How did you ring in the new year?


Ella Drake is a dark paranormal and science fiction romance author. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, & Goodreads. Her next release is Jaq’s Harp, coming February 21st from Carina Press.



  1. Happy New… Year… er… hmmm. 😉 Actually, I vote for zombie apocalypse, I mean, come on, how cool would that be? BTW, I’m totally amused by the tags “apocalypse holiday”. That’s a great title for a book!

    1. Well, at least if the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m prepared. I have a chainsaw and a bat! “Apocalypse Holiday.” Hmmmm. Yanno, that *is* a great title!

  2. I like plague scenarios, but that always assumes that I would be a survivor, of course. And since swine flu kicked my hiney…

    1. Don’t even say swine flu in my presence. That one kicked me, too. So, yeah, doesn’t exactly give me confidence I’d survive a plague.

  3. Alien invasion. It’d be like the old “V,” but with better clothes. Or like the new “V,” but with worse hair.

    1. Alien invasion is a favorite. Definitely.
      And yeah, who needs good hair to fight off the alien invasion? Look at Sigourney Weaver. She just shaved it all off in Alien 3. And if you’re going to fight an alien, there’s no better role model, I say.

  4. sashadevlin · · Reply

    I haz the skeerd. I think I’d rather it be quick and relatively painless. There’s nothing worse than thinking oh it’ll only be a bit zombie-ish for a bit and then finding out that no one is immune and we’re all going to slowly nosh each other to death.

    1. “nosh each other to death”

  5. I’m pretty sure we’re going down in a bacterial fiery ball of disease. And I’ll be the first to call in sick. LOL!!!!

    As for a preference? I prefer the big explosions too.

    1. Upon reflection, I think it might be a viral fiery ball of disease.
      What do you think?

  6. I actually do harbor a fear of Earth being hit by a meteorite. Sensationalistic media reports of supposed close calls don’t help either.

    As for my favorite type of apocalypse scenario, bring on the alien spores a la SLITHER!

    1. You and me, both. It happened once, big meteorite of destruction. Better to joke about it than really think about it.

      oooooo. Alien spores. Even better than alien invasion, I think.

  7. My favorite apocalypse is one with the Four Horsemen. Because I like horses and I like men. Plus I’ll need both if it really is the end of the world…but in all seriousness, I’ve long held the belief the apocalypse is coming in the form of a cyber-virus. Just imagine the rioting if people’s smart phones suddenly don’t work.

    1. Yes! I like men, too! Maybe not horses as much, but the idea of the Four Horsemen is pretty awe inspiring.
      I’m with you on the cyber-virus. I’ve toyed with writing just that scenario. Maybe one day.

  8. Joanne Q · · Reply

    I’ve always thought it would be a nuclear fallout kind of thing with maybe the possibility of a mutant or four surviving and multiplyimg in the rubble.

    1. I think I can go with the mutant theory more than the zombie one *shudder*.

  9. As a child growing up during the Cold War, I was pretty sure that the apocalypse would be nuclear. Now I think it will be something environmental.

    And I saw in the New Year with champagne and my husband. It was lovely *grin*

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