The Doctor and The Detective

I love Doctor Who.  My GPS has a Dalek voice — sure, he randomly lies to me and threatens to exterminate me, but that’s expected, right?  I own a sonic screwdriver that my hubby bought me for Christmas.  Yep, it’s love — or geekiness.  (And now that I’m looking at the site again, I REALLY want a Tardis cookie jar!)

I used to watch Doctor Who when I was a kid, back in the Tom Baker days.  Despite the ridiculous special effects, it was such a fun show.  When they revamped the series with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor, it was good.  It’s good now, with Matt Smith as the eleventh doctor.  But my favourite is still David Tennant as the tenth doctor.  And OMG… the possibilities for Capt. Jack Harkness/Doctor slash fic… *fans self*… but I digress…

So, besides having the tenth doctor in it, one of my favourite episodes is the The Unicorn and The Wasp, because it incorporates yet another favourite… Agatha Christie.  The Doctor meets Agatha during a mysterious time in the author’s real life, which is the springboard for the episode.

I love Agatha Christie books, so this combination was like chocolate & peanut butter.  The episode is styled after one of Christie’s mysteries, but makes reference to several book titles as throwaways in the dialogue.  Once I figured out what they were doing, it became kind of a game trying to pick them out.  Of course, I might have missed a bunch, since only about half the Christie books in my collection have the UK titles.  There’s a big difference between Sparkling Cyanide & Remembered Death, and that’s only one example.

Got a favourite Doctor Who episode?  Fav Doctor?  Or even a favourite Agatha Christie book?  Let me know!

KC Burn



  1. kristallee · · Reply

    I haven’t watched Dr. Who but I’m intriguing with the Agatha Christie episode since I’m an AG fan. Hercule Poirot is my favorite detective.

    1. kristallee · · Reply

      Oops typo…meant to say “intrigued” rather than “intriguing”. I shouldn’t type before 8am and two cups of hot tea.

      1. I love Hercule Poirot, too! And yeah, I need my tea in the morning to function too 🙂

  2. I hate to admit it, I feel like “they” might take my geek card, but I haven’t watched Dr. Who since I was a kid, probably around the last time I read an Agatha Christie.
    The Christie I remember distinctly, though, was the one on the train, Murder on the Orient Express. It was soooo good! With everyone a suspect and keeping me guessing up to the end. Come to think of it, that one would make a great SF story. Murder on the Orbital Express.

    1. The Orient Express is a good one, and I too, think you should write the Orbital Express one.

      And this goes for Lisa as well: I promise not to revoke your geek card, if I can keep mine (ahem… I may not have watched any of the new Battlestar Galactica).

  3. More Capt. Jack! More Capt. Jack! As a kid I watched the Tom Baker Dr. Who and loved it, but haven’t been able to get into the new Dr. Who. So, like Ella, have I just lost my geek card? I do so adore Capt. Jack, but after what happened to Ianto, I had to move on.

    I remember reading Agatha Christie books with my grandmother, who was a big fan. Aside from the usual good ones from her — Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile… — I remember enjoying Peril at End House too.

    @Ella: Murder on the Orbital Express. You should write that! Can my intergalactic space ninjas try to attack it?

    1. Hey Lisa – OMG – what they did to Ianto was just tragic, wasn’ t it?!? So sad. But yeah, I ADORE Capt. Jack!

    2. You can *try*.
      But we’ll see how well those ninjas stand up against my straight-laced detective who knows how to hotwire a hotrod spacer. And smokes a pipe!
      Er… Okay, the ninjas might take him out.

  4. I can’t remember the last time I watched Dr. Who, but like Kristal my favorite detective is Poirot.

    1. Ah, Poirot. He’s awesome. 🙂

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