Hi, my name is Shawn, and I’m a research nerd.

So, this post is a bit late. Sorry about that — I had a fun trip to the emergency room yesterday followed by a battery of tests today. Short version: strong like bull. No worries.

But I’m probably one of the more annoying patients doctors have to deal with, and it’s not just because I ws trained as an EMT. No, I’m always asking questions, always wanting to learn stuff, probably so I can use it in a story later.

But that’s how I am — I love doing research almost as much as I love writing. And with the Internet putting so much data right at one’s fingertips… well, I’m set for a good long while.

So what about you, folks? What are your favorite sites/resources for research? Let’s swap in the comments!



  1. Sorry to hear about the hospital visit 😦

    I wonder if I should admit this… but wikipedia is really my go-to site. I love old books for history, but for other stuff, yeah I just start with wikipedia and click links that interest me. But then, my sci-fi is a little fluffy.

  2. Hope all is well!
    I’m with KC, I start with Wikipedia. Though I know it might not be completely accurate, it does have a bibliography if I need to go deeper. I also use Questia, which has digital versions of books. I also use my local university’s online research tools. It’s pretty phenomenal.

  3. Oh, and if I’m researching words, I love http://www.etymonline.com/

  4. All awesome resources. And nothing wrong with Wikipedia — I use it all the time, too. If nothing else, it lets you know what you still need to research.

  5. Glad you’re OK!

    I’m addicted to Science Daily. I like how they distill journal articles down into lay language, but also cite the origin article at the end. I’m a total research nerd too. Family members have actually taken emails from me to their doctors (which is scary!) — usually with me citing a bunch of Science Daily articles. I also read a lot of Sciam and New Scientist.

  6. I have to admit, when I want trashy, tabloid style language, I study ew.com. The general interest websites are ripe with painful relationship fodder. And I just don’t like any of my characters.

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