Ultimate SciFi Mash-Up

Do you know how when your favorite TV show has a spin-off and the network hosts a crossover event to promo the new show? Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel did this so often that my friends and I started making up our own crossover events by mixing up TV shows you’d never see together:

  • “Stay tuned tonight for a special Buffy-Angel-Friends Crossover Event! When Ross is bitten by a vampire in an alternate universe Sunnydale, can Monica channel her inner slayer to save him? “
  • “Don’t miss tonight’s special Roswell-Dark Angel-Dawson’s Creek Crossover Event! Can Pacey ever forgive Joey for letting Max inject him with teenage alien DNA? Meanwhile, Dawson trudges through the desert looking for an alien spaceship, but can he find it before experimental Manticore canine people* track him down?
  • “On Thursday’s episode of Star Trek: Voyager, Captain Janeway must stop three holy terrors as they rip through the ship. Malcolm and his three brothers find themselves stuck in the Delta Quadrant in more ways than one.”

You can do this with movies too. Behold the Ferngully-Avatar Mashup:

You get the idea. This game is so nerdy, it can go toe-to-toe with Sheldon and Amy’s Counterfactuals from The Big Bang Theory. So, why stop with just TV shows and movies? I read a lot of science blogs and sometimes — especially late at night when I should be sleeping — the stories start to blur together and I find myself coming up with crazy story ideas. So, I offer a challenge if you choose to accept it. In the comments, mash up the following three stories into a science fictional crossover event:

I’ll start: “In THE STARS BELOW, Captain Mock’Jnar Russell isn’t just your average space colonist. Genetically altered with bear DNA to withstand the long voyage** to Primyar Three, Russell and her crew of the Alba must mine a starless planet for phosphorescent crystals to make the trip home.”

Your turn. Give me your best shot.

Bar Wars: Cocktail Hour (Star Wars/Cocktail)***:

* Shark, let me introduce you to this jump I have right here.
** If Dark Angel can have dog-people, then I can have bear-people.
*** Bar Wars is almost as funny as Selleck Waterfall Sandwich.



  1. Those prompts gave me a mashup of Gentle Ben (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentle_Ben) and Journey to the Center of the Earth. Which truly bad version of that, I’m not sure 🙂

  2. My first thought — getting fat, sleeping a lot, and watching TV: the next generation of astronauts and how they found life at the center of a dead world!

  3. BEARS… IN… SPAAAAAAACE! Yeah, sorry, that’s all I got – work’s been crazy and my brain is fried! But the articles are very cool.

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