The Future is nothing like we were promised

I had a thought while getting ready for work this morning — we’re only four years from the events chronicled in the 1990 documentary Back To The Future: Part II. Yet as I look around, I see no hoverboards. Goldie Wilson III is not offering to hover-convert my old road car for only $39,999.95. I feel shocked and lied to.

Not really, of course. I’m not expecting movies to get it right and tell us what the world is going to be like 25 years from now — they always do try, and they get it wrong more often than they get it right. You can throw out titles that got it extremely wrong: Escape from New York (as there isn’t a penal colony there yet), the original Star Trek (unless I slept through the Eugenics Wars that ended in 1996), Strange Days (though this one wasn’t too far off — oh, wait, yes it was). But sometimes, it’s more fun to look at what they got right.

Back to Back to the Future. Remember the jacket that Doc gives Marty? That’s not too far off from reality. Smart clothing has been something that’s been in the pipe for years now — I wouldn’t be surprised to see a jacket that automatically fits and dries itself (plus monitors the wearer’s vitals) on the market in four years. Hell, we might even have clothes that make you stronger.

What’s your favorite missed prediction from a sci-fi-type movie or story? And what’s the one you think might just happen?



  1. Love this: Escape from New York (as there isn’t a penal colony there yet)
    Prediction? Forget predictions. Any day now, we’ll all wake up and find we’re part of the Matrix.

  2. Even though we haven’t had the Eugenics Wars, we are cloning animals. There are rumor of also mixing animal DNA with human.

    Forget hover cars, though, I want a Rosie the Robot Maid like in the Jetsons!

  3. Good call, Lisa. I love the different A.I. robots in SF, and I get depressed whenever I see footage of our own cutting-edge robotics. I mean those things are barely mobile. Solve the Rubik’s Cube, yes; beat us at chess, fair enough; but how are they gonna take over the world while they walk like Thunderbirds puppets squatting for a poo?

    I want the rights to an electronic curse penalizer from Demolition Man–it automatically fines anyone who swears. I’d make a KILLING at my local pub.

  4. Transporters!!! Someone bring on the transporters! That’s probably too easy, but really, I’m completely hung up on them. Although, I wouldn’t mind the automated driver like in Men in Black. Clearly, I have issues with current modes of transportation 🙂

  5. I think I want terraforming so we can have somehere to actually live. Seriously. Thats’ the only way we are going to get anywhere. And of course warp drive. Forget hovercraft and automated drivers – I want to TRAVEL.

  6. Monica · · Reply

    I want to know where all the giant mech suits are.

    Yes, I realize this pegs me as an anime fan, and I’m fine with that.

    I want giant mech suits piloted by super hot people and my own space colony where I can call myself Queen, Empress, or Potentate.

    But no hover boards. Because they don’t work on water.

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