Paul is the story of two geeks encountering an alien near Area 51.  It’s from the creators of Shaun of the Dead, which is one of my favourite movies, and Hot Fuzz, which I also loved.  Paul isn’t quite Shaun of the Dead (which was pure genius and zombies, so win/win) but it’s definitely on par with Hot Fuzz.  And anything that can make me laugh until I cry has to go on my list of movies I love.

The alien is reminiscent of every ridiculous artist rendering found in every cheesy tabloid ever produced.  Oh, Weekly World News… how I miss you!  Paul (both the character and the movie itself) is highly amusing.  He’s got a biting wit and just a hint of wildness that puts one in mind of a highly intelligent college kid.  And the characters played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were beautiful amalgamations of all the geeks I’ve known. Including me.  In fact, during the opening scene, my husband leaned over and said “We’ve got to go to Comic-Con someday.”  I, of course, agreed.

In addition, the movie cleverly slips in references to some of the greatest and most popular sci-fi movies of all time.  I won’t mention any of them here, because that would qualify as spoilers, but I loved it.  So, pay attention when you go see it (if you haven’t seen it already) because some of the references were subtle and you don’t want to miss them!



  1. Man, I wish we had a theater! Guess this too will have to wait for the DVD release. I am a big fan of the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost duo. Their comedic chemistry is outstanding 🙂

    Oh, on a different note, a friend told me her sister went to see PAUL and there were small children in the theater. Isn’t it rated R? Don’t people watch trailers/read reviews? Just because there’s cute cartoony alien does not mean it’s for kids!

    1. I will never understand some people. I saw small kids when I went to Southpark the Movie & the remake of Friday the 13th!!!

  2. Paul does look fun. It’s been out here in the UK for a while now but frankly, it’s one I can wait for on DVD. Liked Shaun of the Dead. LOVED Hot Fuzz. But this one’s missing a key ingredient for me–director Edgar Wright.

    1. True, different director, but there’s the addition of Seth Rogen. Still, there wasn’t much in terms of effects that would be lost by waiting for DVD.

  3. I have a serious zombie phobia. 😦 But this looks like fun (and not, as Cathy points out, for kids!). I’m in, I’ll go see it soon!

    1. A zombie phobia? Oh no! I don’t know what I’d do with out my zombie movies 🙂 No zombies in Paul, I promise!

  4. I loved Shaun of the Dead, so I will have to see that. Strangely, I never heard of it.

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