Amazing Green

There are times when I feel hopeless. Like we have wrecked this world beyond repair and that there is no hope to change our ways. That we will live in an ever more poisoned environment, and that the world has already begun to decay. I wonder if the end of the world theories aren’t more possible than my scoffing mind can normally believe.

And then I hear of another new technology, another way that scientists are trying to think greener, and I find some hope once again. Not that any of these ideas may be the one thing that saves us, oh no, it is so much more complicated than that. But the fact that new thoughts and theories, experiments and funding for those experiments continue to happen—that’s what is giving me the hope.

Here’s the latest Amazing Green idea that has caught my eye – it’s just so smart. I do see lots of problems but the inspiration is exactly what we need.  Warning – the video is long, about four and a half minutes. But watch it, because this—this is smart.

Have you seen something that gives you hope once again? Some new science? Tell me so I can keep the faith alive.


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  1. I haven’t had the chance to see all of the video (dang slow intertubes!) but I do have hope when we can produce technology or methodology that will help the planet survive just a wee bit longer. While we will never return to a pristine state, I think we’ll find ways to slow down damage at the very least.

    1. Yes. I keep hoping that they will come up with cheaper ways we can all help – that’s the only way to get people on board really, to make solar panels etc cheaper for the general population.

  2. I think that we need not only technology, but a belief that we can have a better world by taking care of it. To make a commitment to managing pollution in a thoughtful way takes people who will change their attitude toward protecting the earth.

    1. True. I beleive we can, and I don’t mind paying extra form some things that are greener. But if ideas can come along that will make it more feasible for the working man or woman, then we will see a big leap forward.

  3. Watched the highly intriguing video, Lilly. Thanks for posting it.

    I particularly loved the idea about digging up landfill matter to use beneath the roads. Ever since Back to the Future, when Doc used a banana peel to power his car, I’ve been wondering what people were going to come up with to use all of that untapped resource.

    1. Yes! And I was watching a cool video on building homes out of things we normally discard as well, like rubber tires. The difficulty comes in trying to make the new ideas fit the old building codes. Everyone is playing catch-up!

  4. Just fascinating Lilly! I am have a strong concern about the environment, and it’s easy to get pessimistic, even for someone as normally optimistic as I am. There have been moments when the world has stopped and realized what it’s doing needs to be fixed…and innovative solutions, coupled with urgency, can produce amazing results. So I have hope.

    1. I am hoping we will have another leap forward in thinking very soon.

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