For my next vacation. . .

So, last night I was reading a Web site where a guy was examining the time travel problems in different movies (I don’t have the link on me, but I’ll update later when I track it down). The guy had done a lot of work on each film, pointing out the paradoxes and how they might have been resolved, and how many time travel trips actually needed to happen for the end result to work out the way it had in the film (more than one, almost always). It was a great site, and of course got me thinking about time travel.

Come on, you can’t have been surprised by that. It would have been odd if it got me thinking about burritos.

Anyhow, I always wanted to travel in time, ever since I was a little kid. Then it was to the future, of course, because that’s what little kids want to do. These days, were I to be able to travel through time, I’d always go to the past — sometimes the recent past, sometimes through history, and sometimes prehistory. I’d not want to change anything, though. In fact, I’d just be there to observe, to learn. I’d have to find some way to travel as an incorporeal being so that I could see and hear everything, but no one could see or hear me. Messing with the timelines could be scary. . . wouldn’t want to unmake the universe just because I felt the need to be there on the opening night of The Godfather or something.

If you could travel in time, when and where would you go? What would you see? If you went to do something, what would it be?

UPDATE: The Web site of which I spoke is here.



  1. I wish I could find a link, too! Hubby found a site on the weekend where you could pay people $10… and by the time time travel was invented, the account would have accumulated enough interest to pay someone to come back in time and bring you forward!!! LOL! I couldn’t believe someone started a scam based on how to pay for your meal in The Restaurant at the End of the Universe!

  2. Though there are many eras I’d love to visit, I think I’d be afraid to sneeze on something and alter things. So yeah, incorporeal would be good. Visiting the future would be a kick. Maybe I’ll try to find that site KC mentions 😉

  3. Monica · · Reply

    There are so many periods in time that I would want to visit. For about two seconds. Then I’d like to come back to my running water and wireless Internet and Starbucks in the same building as a Tim Horton’s. I’m far too prissy to ever really want to go back in time, save perhaps to stop Uwe Boll from finding that tax credit in Canada. I think we’d all appreciate my sacrifice.

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