Twinverse Musings

I was caught this week by the announcement of the discovery of a Milky Way twin galaxy. Normally I don’t go for twin stories, particularly in romance, but this bit of science has my little mind just clicking along. NGC 6744 (I hate this system of naming, although I understand the reason for it – can we have a new name please?) is a spiral that looks amazingly like our own home galaxy—except that it is about twice as big.

Milky Way Twin Galaxy - Credit ESO

Since it is twice as big, it should have many more solar systems than we have, and therefore many more planets. It could have a twin to our solar system. A doppelganger earth. With the right conditions would it have evolved life in some odd facsimile?

I’ve long said there must be life on other planets. I don’t know if it will look anything like what we have here, but why not?  Why wouldn’t life develop in a similar manner? Why couldn’t there be bi-pedal creatures similar to ourselves? The idea is a bit vain, I know. But with another discovery of worms being found in gold mines, and the resulting theory that perhaps these kinds of creatures could be found on Mars, I think the possibilities of a similar development to life on Earth is possible on a least one of those millions of planets out there.

Of course, I fully expect life could be completely different. Massive blobs of intelligent jelly, silicon life, gaseous beings. I expect there is room for every kind of development. Every day we find out the universe is bigger than we expected, or that there are a dozen other universes. But I keep coming back to the thought that somewhere out there is a planet that could be our own, populated with thinking rational (ok sort of rational) beings. One of them might be postulating at this very moment that her twin sits on another world, typing a new manuscript or blog post. Maybe she’d even be blonde…


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  1. I love this sort of musing — other lives, other ways of viewing the world, of existing in it. I read about that gold mine worm and was just stunned at the places life (and quite complex life) exists.

    1. Exactly. That’s why I am sure there is life out there. 🙂 And more, there are so many planets, why wouldn’t there possibly be intelligent life?

  2. It’s a thought that can get my mind spinning, whether there’s something else like us out there. The creatures that live in extreme conditions here, like the worms, or the creatures that live around hydrothermal vents deep in the ocean.
    Great post Lilly!

    1. Thanks Ella. I like to play what if? When I read the science news. 🙂

  3. I also find it hard to believe that we’re the only inhabited planet. Somewhere out there is alien life, although I am firmly convinced whatever it is won’t look anything like us… whatever romantic fiction says, mine included 🙂

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