Sound can transport you. Really.

So, I was innocently waiting in the theater on the new Star Trek to start–way back in 2009–and the first glimmer of the movie starting? Not an image. Not a logo. Not jumping straight into an action sequence. It was a sound. Nothing but a sound.

That little computer sound, a little beep-beep, was instantly recognizable to me. I got chillbumps and teary eyed! I never knew how ingrained that sound had become to me, nor how sentimental it made me.

I watched the original series growing up. My dad was a big fan. My husband recently re-watched all the old episodes with the kids. I liked The Next Generation. I even liked the last attempt at a series in that franchise, Enterprise. But while I really enjoy the shows, I wouldn’t have thought that little sound would have that much impact, but it did.

I like to put sound in my writing. Even using made up words to get across what’s happening. Give me a good “Twak” or “Thunk” or “Zip” in an action sequence and I’m happy. (this puts me in mind of the Batman television show with the sounds treated graphically over the action–Zowie, Batman!)

Tell me, to make me feel better, did anyone else notice that little sound at the beginning of the new Star Trek and get a big grin? Or maybe even sniffly? Any other sounds really get you, bring an image together for you, evoke a memory?



  1. cmtorrens · · Reply

    Oh yeah. I remember that sound. lol The one that gives you excited goosebumps and ups the anticipation factor. Gotta love it. Some sounds just do that.

    Great post Ella.

  2. Hmmm…..I don’t remember the sound, but chances are I was watching with my kids and their pre-movie chatter drowned it out (without a louder sound or image, they probably didn’t realize something was happening). I’ll have to get the movie and demand silence from the get-go 🙂

  3. Oh, absolutely I remember that sound. Just like the beginning of Star Wars… goosebumps for sure!

  4. Good one, Ella. Yeah, the Star Trek sound is unique–I also really liked the use of the original music over the end credits for the new film. Gave me serious goosebumps. The 20th Century Fox fanfare instantly recalls Star Wars for me, even if it’s before another film entirely. For my dad, it recalls Bette Davis movies.

  5. Soundsare a great trigger for memories and often you don’t think of them at all until the first notes. Then a flood of emotion wells up. I know for my nephew, the transform sound at the beginning of that movie was the most powerful moment of the movie. The sound I always think of for Star Trek is the sound of the doors opening. Love it!

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