Extinction Level Event

So, I was reading about the Tunguska meteor impact the other day.

Yeah, that’s kinda how I roll.

Anyway, I learned that the chunk of space rock that decided to mess up Siberia’s shit hit with the force of several thermonuclear blasts. Yeah. Several. No matter how hard we try to make bigger and bigger weapons, nature beats us every time.

Remember those asteroid disaster movies of the late 90s? In those, we really had no existing plan for a huge meteor crashing into the planet. The best we could come up with was Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in a space shuttle. Now that the shuttle program’s been scrapped, we don’t even have that. We’re in trouble, folks. Um, hypothetically.

So, I know a lot of you are science nerds like me. What should our space-rock strategy be? My plan has something to do with robots and…

I’ve said too much already.

Share your ideas in the comments!



  1. Monica · · Reply

    Giant asteroid-eating rabbits with wings. No, seriously, stay with me on this one. We pour our money into gene splicing research, make these giant rabbits with wings, and program them to only eat asteroids. I suspect that we might have to invest in giant air masks for them, but hey, compared to how much they play people to professionally play games that they let five year olds play on the weekends, we’re set.

  2. I gotta say, the whole idea freaks me out if I think about it too hard. But for some reason I’m reminded of an old Weekly World News article (honestly I don’t know how I’ve survived without my bat boy sightings and checklists on how to tell if your neighbours are aliens) about people in China jumping up and down at the same time. I don’t remember if they were supposed to be throwing off the rotation of the planet for good or evil, but hey, as a solution, it’s about as good as any 🙂

    1. Eh. It’s a better plan than the Affleck one, anyway.

  3. A crew of really good looking volunteers man (and woman) a suicide mission to destroy the thing before it gets too close. In the best Hollywood tradition, they complete the mission, survive and return home to a ticker tape parade and a lifetime of being chased by asteroid groupies.

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