Silent Running

I can’t remember how old I was when I saw the sci-fi film, Silent Running. I only saw it once, but it had an effect on me that remains to this day. In this film all plant life on Earth has become extinct. A crew of scientists operate a number of huge geo-domes off Saturn, in which they are attempting to keep various plant species alive for a future re-seeding of Earth. The ending is kind of vague in my mind, but I do remember it all ended up quite badly, with only one geo-dome surviving, and it drifting off into space, unmanned and quite stunningly beautiful.

I think of this movie often. I’m an avid gardener, you see. Just today I was tying back a gorgeous heirloom tomato plant and thinking how terrible it would be if just this one strain of tomato was to die out. I tended it lovingly, feeding it some home-made compost and a good drenching in water. Its survival means more to me than just the delicious fruit I hope to harvest from it.

And I thought about Silent Running and the pure power of science fiction. Watching just one horrible vision of our future as a young girl planted a seed in me that continues to grow to this day. I don’t ever want that particular vision to come true. And in my little patch of land on this fine planet, I do what little I can to make sure it doesn’t.

Do you have sci-fi book or film that affected you this deeply?

* * *

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  1. I’ve never even heard of Silent Running… I’ll have to check it out. As for ones that affected me deeply – do phobias count? It’s kind of polar opposite to the way you were affected, but still. The Wrath of Khan gave me a life-long fear of both earwigs and spiders small enough to nest in your ear.

    1. I don’t know if it’ll hold up. I’ve heard it referred to as a cult movie.

      And, yes. Phobias count!

  2. I’ve never heard of Silent Running either, but now I want to find it.

    Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a specific book or movie that has affected me so profoundly, but I’m shallow that way ; )

    1. I’m very impressionable *grin*

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