Eyecam, Eyecam, Eye Conquered

In 2005, Tanya Vlach nearly lost her life in a car accident. As she describes it: “Centimeters away from death, I managed to pull through. Although grateful to be alive, I lost my left eye in the tumble and suffered frontal lobe minor brain injury and severe depression.”

After chronicling her recovery in her blog Eye, Tanya, she’s now embarking on a new endeavor: getting herself a custom made eye cam or more specifically “[A]n intra-ocular installation of an eye-camera. An experiment in wearable technology, cybernetics, and perception.”

She also wants to continue journaling her experience as a cyborg — err I mean eyeborg — and build her sci-fi alter ego into a “transmedia platform” to include comic books, documentaries, web series, a game, and a live performance.

She wants to join the ranks of the post modern transhumans. What do you think of her plan? If you could body-mod to meld with technology, what would that be? What skills would you like to have?

I’m sort of practical in that I’d want a heads-up GPS. Sadly, that would mean giving up Darth.



  1. I have a character with a false eye in my book that is pretty much what Tanya wants 🙂

    Having worn glasses most of my life, and being useless without them, new eyes would be great.

    I’ll have to check out Tanya’s blog. Thanks, Lisa!

  2. I’d like to have a much better memory, both short-term and long-term. I’m tired of walking into the next room and forgetting what I went there to do. And trying to remember who wrote which random line of poetry. *sigh* I think my brain is full and growing more inefficient with age. I need more storage and a better retrieval system. Not coincidentally, my current MC has the things that I want.

  3. Yeah, I could use a memory upgrade, too! And a way to get my thoughts into my computer without having to type them!

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