How did this happen?

Sometimes, I wonder how we ended up writing science fiction—even science fiction romance. We were both English majors. Anah has more books about writing than her local library, and I read grammar books for fun.

But she minored in eco-sciences in college, and my favorite Christmas present five years running was a chemistry set. We are, neither of us, very good at fitting into stereotypes.

A moment of irony: My grandfather introduced me to reading romances. (He loved the ones set during the Civil War and in the Old West.) My mother introduced me to science fiction and fantasy.

Anah says she loved SF/F as a kid because when you’re ten, what else would you read in the adult section of the library? 😉

When we met, it was in an SF-themed RPG. The first novel we wrote together was SFR. Now, we also write contemporary romance and urban fantasy, but despite how little of our SF has been published (so far!), we always consider ourselves SFR authors in addition to our other genres.

How did you get started reading and writing science fiction?



  1. My dad was a huge SF fan (and an avid amateur astronomer). I can remember standing in line with him to see “Star Wars” in 1977 (I was 6). He had his original paperback copies of various Heinlein books he read when he was a kid, and I read those at a very young age. I read his Dune novels, and his copies of Omni and Twilight Zone magazines. I grew up playing with Battlestar Gallactica toys and had autographed pictures of Gil Gerard from Buck Rogers on my walls. Through my dad’s high-powered telescope, I’ve seen stuff like the ice caps of Mars and the red spot of Jupiter.

    But my writing was always fantasy or non-fiction, until I wrote Stellarnet Rebel. I know it sounds weird, but the novel came to me in a dream. In May 2009, I woke up with an entire scene in my head. The rest of the book flowed from there, demanding to be written. I mean, I couldn’t NOT write it. It was a bizarre experience.

    1. I dream scenes for novels all the time, like movies playing in my head as I fall asleep, so I can understand how that might happen to you. 🙂

      1. That’s exactly what I get, too, Dianne, like movies in my head. And often when I’m falling asleep, but also when I’m waking up, driving, showering, or zoning out. My husband catches me staring at the wall and wonders what I’m doing… “Working.” Uh, doesn’t look like it! XD

  2. My dad was also a sci-fi fan. The first movie I remember seeing was Star Wars (I was 5), second movie was The Wrath of Khan. We watched Star Trek reruns together and Doctor Who (the Tom Baker years). Although I haven’t read a huge amount of sci-fi, I really enjoy the freedom to make up my own rules, bend worlds and people to the needs of my story. And I still adore sci-fi TV and movies – total shock to anyone who has read my posts here, I know 😉

    JL – most of my books start the same way, with me dreaming a scene. For Spice ‘n’ Solace I dreamt about Jathan and Kaz’s first meet (minus the sex, sadly) and the book grew from there.

    1. omg that was the first scene I dreamed, too, KC–how Duin and Genny met! What’s up with that? lol

    2. Oh, if we’re talking TV and movies, my grandfather (the one who read Old West romance novels) was the one I watched Star Trek with as a child. And the A-Team and MASH. And I’d watch soap operas with my grandmother. They’re probably the reasons for my current genre affiliations. 😉

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