Celebrate & Plan – The Way of the Series Writer

This week I am celebrating the signing of my newest contract with Carina Press – for the third book in my erotic sci-fi romance series, The Confederacy Treaty. It’s called UNDERCOVER ALLIANCE. Yippee!!!!! Here’s a wee bit about it:

Undercover Alliance

            When Inarrii Sergeant Sarina Tariim accepts a position off-ship to guard the human lawyer John Bennings she knows in her heart it is a pity post. A paper pusher doesn’t need a private body guard with her experience. No one had even heard of the man before the Treaty negotiations began, and they weren’t likely to remember him after it was signed. She’d only been given the post because she was too damaged to serve on the Inarrii flagship, too wounded in the last terrorist attack to be considered the dangerous warrior she’d once been.


            In the middle of treaty negotiations between the Inarrii and humans, things have come to a precarious standstill. Attacks on the Inarri ships and Mars base have been identified as being human in origin, although there is no question that the radical humans opposing the Treaty have been aided by members of the deadly alien pirates known as the Raveners. Humans alone don’t have the technology to create the havoc achieved in the attacks to date, and testimony from witnesses has proven that the anti-alien group has in fact been unknowingly in collusion with the pirates.


            Posing as technical lawyer and negotiator, John Bennings, Earth Starforce agent John Norton is assigned to the Treaty negotiations. Intelligence points to a more covert strike on the legal force handling the Treaty than the recent aggressive but ineffective spaceship attacks. His job is to ferret out the plot and foil it. Being assigned a bodyguard isn’t surprising, considering the rash of recent incidents, but an Inarrii goddess is more than he’d bargained for. Having a gorgeous woman follow his every movement is a distraction, but one he only allows himself at night. It’s clear though that she finds his cover the ultimate in boredom, and as tempting as it is to reveal his true identity, his duty reminds him that his imagination will be his only sensual companion during the next stage of the negotiations.

Ok, so celebrations, while far from complete, are begun. Now what? The planning begins. Actually, I should say, since I am a series writer, that the plan begins again. I am not actually sure it ever stops. We plan on the plot for each individual story, and we plan out the overall arc of the series. For me, now that this book is a go, the next one is on my mind, simmering. I need to plan for the fourth book, the last in this first chapter of alliance between humanity and the alien race of the Inarrii. After that, well, there is a big blank canvass of space and since the Inarrii like to travel and humans are ever curious…I doubt it will be the last we hear of their partnership, or the Confederacy as a whole.

Now, back to celebrating!!


The Confederacy Treaty: Erotic Sci-fi Romance from Carina Press

Alien Revealed – June 2010

The Naked Truth – June 2011

UndercoverAlliance–release date to be announced.

For more information about Lilly Cain, and for excerpts of her stories please visit www.lillycain.com. You can also follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/LillyCain or on Facebook at www.facebook.ca/Lilly_Cain



  1. That’s fantastic, Lilly. WTG on the trilogy!

    1. Thanks Robert! It’s actually a 4 part story, I just have to write the last part, LOL!

  2. Congratulations, Lilly! this sounds like a great trilogy. I haven’t started Alien Revealed yet, but it’s up there on my TBR list!

    And yeah, that “always planning something” thing. Plot bunnies tend to stampede when I’m supposed to be doing something OTHER than writing : P

    1. Thanks Cathy – I hope you enjoy Alien Revealed! 🙂

      1. I’m sure I will! And let me amend the congrats to your four-part series (quadralogy?) 🙂 Way to go, madam!

      2. Thanks Cathy!

  3. Yay Lilly! Four part series… Very cool.

    1. Thanks, it has been a lot of fun so far! 🙂

    2. Thanks KC! I was thinking of starting another series, but I am trying something new right now, a YA sci-fi romance that I will write under a different name. So the erotic sci-fi will hold for a little bit. 🙂

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