Revisiting The Moon

So, there. Yeah, I’m talking to you conspiracy theorists. We really did go to the Moon. This is conclusive proof, amiright?

OK, so Photoshop can do amazing things and this footage probably will not convince a die-hard conspiracy theorist. I, on the other hand, am in awe. Even though the Space Shuttle program is now defunct, I hope this kind of footage will inspire a new generation to yearn to travel to worlds beyond our own. When I was growing up Carl Sagan’s Cosmos was a huge inspiration. What first piqued your interest in space and/or all things science fiction?

Via and SciAm.



  1. I’m with you there, Lisa. Sagan’s Cosmos (and also Contact) did it for me. Also The Right Stuff – book and movie – were huge influences on me.

    It’s such a shame we scrapped the manned missions–we might have had a small colony there by now. But like most things, once the novelty of a thing wears off, the public soon loses interest. And that’s why the space program is in a rut. “No bucks, no Buck Rogers.”

    I think the best thing to reignite public interest right now would be a massively hyped manned mission to Mars. Robots and probes don’t cut it. And if we’re waiting for the economy to sort itself out, we’ll be Morlocks and Eloi by then.

    Arnie said it best in Total Recall: “Get yo’ ass to Mars.”

  2. GAH – been mostly offline & I’m so behind… Is it sad and pathetic that Star Trek was what peaked my interest in sci-fi? The concept was so cool, exploring new planets and alien people. The moon landing, although real, just didn’t really compare. And honestly, still doesn’t. I kind of feel we should have been able to do more in the intervening years than we have, but perhaps I’m being a bit unreasonable 🙂

  3. Star Trek was pretty formative for me as well. I’m simultaneously bummed that Syfy canceled Eureka, but excited that the show is dramatizing a trip to Titan. If science fiction on television and in movies more often shows the possibilities I think that could help excite people again about space travel.

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