Out Of This World Blog Tour

Hi All!

This is a bit of a cheater post, as I am taking my spot to tell you about the second annual OUT OF THIS WORLD blog tour that begins Saturday! Featuring Sci-fi Romance authors whose stories take place “out of this world,” i.e. space ships, other planets, alternate timelines, etc., we’ll be talking about a lot of different topics for the next week. Come and join us! Discover new books, new authors and new worlds!

Here’s the schedule:

September 17

Diane Dooley at Amber Norris’ blog


September 18

Gary Starta at Melisse Aires’ blog


September 19

Frances Pauli at Diane Dooley’s blog


September 20

Amber Norris at Greta van der Rol’sblog


September 21

Lilly Cain at Anne Kane’s blog


September 22

Greta van der Rol at Frances Pauli’s blog


September 23

Lisa Laneat Gary Starta’s blog


September 24

Melisse Aires at Lilly Cain’s blog


September 25

Anne Kane atLisa Lane’s blog



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