I’m Dreaming of a Sci-fi Christmas…

Recently our publisher, Carina Press, put out a call for submissions for a Sci-Fi winter holiday anthology. Interesting, I thought. But to be honest everything I think about Christmas comes up awfully cheesy when I think about it in terms of sci-fi. So I thought I would do a little on line searching.

The art made me think I was right. Too cheesy to handle. Check out this blog post featuring pulp fiction magazine covers through the years. And here’s my favorite – art by Ed Emshwiller back in 1956 (image from goldenagecomicbookstories.blogspot.com)

Art by Ed Emshwiller

And this post by Miss Cellania on all the TV christmas specials and funny books about sci-fi Christmasses past really made me laugh. But some really cool anthologies and stories made me think I am just being too narrow minded. Check out these:

A Christmas In Amber – by Scott William Carter – A really poignant short story about a planet wide evacuation (for the priveleged) and those who must stay behind.

The Miracle  – by Connie Willis – A really fun anthology filled with stories that aren’t cheesy but do make you laugh.

A Yuletide Universe – By Brian M. Thomson – another anthology (this sub-genre seems to lend itself nicely to shorts) but this one has some stories to make you laugh, others to make you think, and some that make your eyebrows ratchet up into your bangs.

I’m not sure if I will try writing one of these very different stories or not. What comes to mind when you think about a sci-fi Christmas?


Alien Revealed – Book One of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2010

The Naked Truth – Book Two of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2011

Undercover Alliance – Book Three of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2012

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  1. When I hear “sci-fi Christmas” I immediately think of the Star Wars Holiday Special (which I remember watching when it aired in 1978).

    Then I think of my favorite Twilight Zone episode of all time: Night of the Meek.

    For some reason, I always wished there was a Firefly Christmas Special, where they bring back the whole cast (even Book and Wash) and have one little adventure with a holiday theme. I would love that.

  2. Oh my. The opportunities for cheese do seem manifold.

    Regardless, thanks for the link to the call. I’d missed it somehow, and it looks like a really interesting collection.

  3. Thanks for sharing your research. Lilly!

    Honestly, Christmas is the last thing I think about when I think of sci-fi. Maybe I should go watch the copy of Santa Claus versus The Martians, which is in a box up in my attic and has been there for a very, very long time.

  4. Santa Claus Conquers The Martians is practically a holiday tradition in my house. I first saw it on VHS, then I watched it via Mystery Science Theater 3000, and then I bought it on DVD. It’s just that crackalicious.

  5. LOL JL, I was just going to comment on the Star Wars Christmas special. That was a joy I hadn’t experienced until Episode I. Hubby and I camped out for tickets to Episode I, and someone had brought a TV & VCR, on which they played that… indescribable piece of nonsense.

  6. Santa vs. Martians was also my first thought. Have not seen that since I was a wee lad. I’m tempted to look it up on Amazon right now.

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