Servalan: Queen of Villains

A few months ago I blogged about some of my favorite sci-fi shows I saw on British TV when I was kid. One of those mentioned was Blake’s 7. This was my favorite of them all and my memories of this show has continued to inspire me as a writer. I’ve previously shared, in this post from The Galaxy Express, how the character, Kerr Avon, shaped my taste for the anti-hero.


The other character that had a huge impact on me was the deliciously evil Servalan. She was wicked and beautiful and wanted to rule the galaxy. She plotted and planned while dressed in an astounding variety of over-the-top outfits. And if that’s not enough reasons to worship her, here are a few more. There’s nothing more watchable and/or readable than a villainess. My own extremely evil Olympia Philou from Blue Galaxy could be a distant cousin of Servalan’s. Oh, how they would despise each other.


If you aren’t a Brit or were too young to see Blake’s 7, here’s a little taste of the campy, sultry, megalomaniacal Servalan. Be sure and stay tuned to the end for a great line of dialogue perfectly delivered by the actress, Jacqueline Pearce, who, incidentally, maintains a very interesting blog about her life.



Diane Dooley can be found all over the freakin’ galaxy: Blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter.



  1. *Dude*–I was just thinking about Olympia while walking my daughter to the bus stop this morning. True story! Blue Galaxy has one of my favorite SFR lines of all time. Much as I want to recount it, I shall not spilleth any spoilers.

    Long live Blake’s 7!

    1. Villians always get the best lines *grin*

  2. I adore campy British sci-fi, so as soon as I get a chance, I’m going to have to check this out!

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