Who You Gonna Call?

So did anyone go see Ghostbusters when it was back in theaters for Halloween?Ghostbusters Poster

I confess, I missed it. I meant to go, but things were kind of crazy in the Fox household as we got ready for a visit from my father-in-law, and we never made it out to the theater. But oh, how I wish I had! I love those movies. The characters were funny and endearing, and I can’t tell you how many times “how we do things downtown” and “this chick is toast” have featured in conversations with my partner. Not to mention “Don’t cross the streams”!

Okay, so “knowing is half the battle” may come up somewhat more frequently than “don’t cross the streams”, but how often are you crossing streams in your daily life? 😉

Supposedly, the theatrical re-release of Ghostbusters was a promo for Ghostbusters III…which will be made someday, and I’m definitely looking forward to that. So did any of you go see it in theaters this time ’round? How about the first time?

If Ghostbusters isn’t your thing, are there any other cult scifi movies you do love like that?



  1. I missed the re-release because we don’t have a theater here, but they are such fun movies! Hmm, now I think I need to go rent them 🙂

    When Aliens came out, I saw it five times in a two month period. My friends and I quoted it for years.

  2. I’m slowly introducing my kids to all my cult favorites. Ghostbusters was a huge hit with them. Can’t wait until they’re old enough for Alien!

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