Do You Dream in Color?

The other day a really cool bit of sci-fi news caught my eye (yes, I like to read weird stuff, don’t you?) and made me think of the old question – Do you dream in color? This was a topic of discussion in psych class years ago – they claimed that most people dream in black & white, but I don’t believe it – everyone I know dreams in color. I still have no idea why anyone would think that was possible.

Now they have developed the first brain image of a dream. By working with someone that is a lucid dreamer – they can control their dreams – and an fMRI they have captured an actual dream, or at least a brain’s actual reaction to a dream.

The experiment had the subject enter a dream and then in the dream, squeeze one hand and then the other. The result was that the respective areas of the brain that would control the real movement of the hand, were the person awake, were also active during the dream. Yet the hands didn’t move.

Here’s the full article.

The whole thing was pretty touch and go – it’s very hard to control a dream, and to know when the dream is in action. Still, if they can register this, I wonder how long it will be before we can map all the areas of the brain that are involved as we dream about highly emotional things. And if we know what areas of our brains are active, how long till we can learn to trigger those spots to have a directed dream.

So – do you dream in color? And if you could have someone give you a dream, what would it be? I think I’d like to dream about something completely different. A life on another planet, or deep in the sea.


The Confederacy Treaty – Alien Revealed, June 2010

The Confederacy Treaty – The Naked Truth, June 2011

The Confederacy Treaty – Undercover Alliance , June 2012



  1. Our mind in a dream state is a really interesting concept to study. I hope this research continues on, because even though its just the beginning, I think there’s a lot we can all learn from this type of data!

    1. Me too, I think it would be really interesting to see reactions in the brain to other sensory impressions while dreaming – like scent, which is one of our strongest senses.

  2. Oh, boy, I dream in colour! I always have vivid dreams and a lot of them give me great plot bunnies. I’ve always heard that it’s rare to *remember* your dreams. It’s a fascinating topic, though.

    1. I’ve heard that it is rare to remember as well – but I can’t say I believe that one either. So many writers use dreams to begin a plot – or to solve one!

  3. I definitely dream in color! I’ve had a few dreams take me to Narnia (I loved the books growing up, and still do!) and one plop me into the middle of an NCIS episode – those are among my favorites.

    Last night I had a strange dream about a dragon with vampire qualities – could only come out at night, couldn’t enter homes – who snatched up people and took them away to eat. Last person it took before I woke up? Edmund Pevensie (from Narnia).

    1. Narnia is some serious fodder for dreams! Sounds like you have some writing to do. Do you know – as long as I write every day, I don’t have any nightmares? True. But stop writing and everything builds up!

  4. I’ve had dreams where I’m asking myself (in the dream) – is this in color? In the morning I can’t remember my answer.

    1. Now that’s twisted, LOL! Love it.

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