Coming Things

Happy New Year everyone!  Anyone started planning their end of days (according to the Mayan calendar) blowout bash?  Yeah, me neither.  Anyone wrecked their resolutions yet?  I haven’t, but then, I didn’t make any this year… mostly because I never keep them 😦

So… anyone wondering why I’m posting the cover to Spice ‘n’ Solace?  (Besides the fact that it’s so darn pretty to look at.)  One of my ‘coming things’ this year is a sequel.  I loved writing SnS, it was actually one of the quickest books I’ve ever written.  Yes, it’s also one of the shortest, but anyone who writes knows that some books just fly out of your brain onto the keyboard and others need to be coaxed out like a frightened cat under the bed… who might even give you a good scratch on the way out.  SnS just flew.

The sequel is currently nameless, and I can’t even call it SnS2 because it’s not a true sequel.  Yes, it occurs after Jathan & Kaz get together, and Jathan does make an appearance, but the story is all about… R’kos.  R’kos, the alien negotiator.  This one wasn’t quite as easy to write, though, partially because of the alien nookie.  I must admit, and anyone who read SnS could probably tell, that I’d planned to give R’kos a story as soon as he showed up on the page.  But at the time, I hadn’t quite figured out all the mechanics that would be involved in Ankylos sex, or in Ankylos/Human sex, never mind Ankylos/Human gay sex.  Let me tell you what a hardship it was, thinking about all that sex.  Whew.  Took a rather long time 😉

I’ve got plans in the works for a third, and possibly a fourth book set in this universe, so let’s hope Carina likes ’em too, once they’re written, because I love these characters, and I so enjoy writing in this setting.  For now, though, I expect the sequel to be out sometime mid-summer.

KC Burn



  1. Congrats on the sequel, KC! I thought I was the only one who spent so much time thinking about alien nookie… For books. Right! Yes, for books I plan to write… *ahem*


    1. Thanks, JL! Too bad there’s no good ‘research’ sites, eh?

  2. You kill me, KC! I loved SnS and I am so happy to hear you’ve been spending all that time thinking up the alien sex sequel! LOL. I’ll be looking forward to it! Can’t wait to see the cover!

    1. Oooh, that’s a great title “Alien Sex Sequel”. I ought to suggest that 🙂 Thanks, and yeah, I’m interested to see how the cover artist will deal with my big, bald, lavender alien!

      1. Heh! I’m not sure about using it as a title – but perhaps a theme, LOL!

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