A Sneak Peek!

Since I am working through my revisions right now on my third sci-fi erotic book from Carina Press (releasing in June, 2012), I thought you might enjoy a little sneak peak of the story.  Part three of the Confederacy Treaty Series, Undercover Alliance begins like this (pssst – I kind of think of my hero as a OO7 agent a few hundred years from today)…

“You’ve got company,”Davis’s tense voice called through the comm unit.

“No shit.”  Starforce Special Agent John Norton glanced down at the hull of the ship. The metal still glowed red where it had been struck by laser fire only a few feet away from his position.

John tracked the small fighter skimming close to the long hull of the Star Ship Osprey. Its dark metal body nearly matched the blackness of space. It was coming back for another shot. Twisting, John fired his hand laser. It sheared through the vacuum of space and pierced the edge of the attacker’s hull. Dodging return fire he leapt for the communication array pod at the far end of the ship and hoped like hell that his aim was good and his magnetic boots would clamp, or he’d be hurtling into space like so much garbage. Since no one was going to admit he was even on board, there was no chance of rescue. His heart pounded, his breath rasped loudly inside the confines of his polarized helmet. He turned and fired again. This time the laser hit a crucial spot and the small craft peeled off from its attack course.

John released the laser, allowing it to dangle from his wrist strap and gripped the ship as his boots hit and clamped tight to the edge of the array.  Leaning into the small amount of shelter provided by the communication pod, he scanned above him. Only one sleek little fighter had gone for him, its design confirming what he’d already been told. There was more to the terrorist group Terran Purity than a ragtag group of human racists. The fighter was too sophisticated to be of Earth origin. The Osprey hadn’t picked it up, orDaviswould have caught that on the online chatter. That meant the attacker had some serious shielding. The terrorist  shouldn’t have detected John either—a single moving figure on the exterior of the massive human starship SS Osprey, his suit designed to deflect not only the coldness of space but any heat or ultrasonic detection. At least that was the plan.

Quickly he flipped open the closest access panel and toggled the manual relay on the communications pod. Two more minutes and he would have the fourth and final bug in place. Not that he could rely on the listening devices any longer. No one in Starforce should have known he was here, let alone the Purity assholes. Someone could be aware of the surveillance equipment he was planting as well. Any information he got from them would be suspect at best. He pulled the bug from his forearm pocket and pressed it against the console. He felt it dissolve into the circuitry through the pressure sensitive fingerpads on his suit, and he suppressed a shudder. It never failed to revolt him the way the damn bugs could work their way through anything electronic, and he vowed again to refuse the microcircuit brain implants the brass had been pushing on all upper level agents.

Motion flickered in the corner of his eye. Instantly he snapped off the magnetic clamps in his boots and shoved away from the array. Laser fire bit into the hull inches away from where he’d been locked on. He fired the narrow jets on his back, the silent explosion of compressed gas propelling him away from the array and back toward his only exit without a hint of heat to give away his location. The fucking fighter was back, its maneuverability amazing as it followed him across the underbelly of the ship. John grabbed at his dangling laser and flicked a shot across what he guessed was the view panel of the pilot. He snapped the magnets back on his boots and slammed into the hull. The fighter’s momentum pulled the ship past his location and he shot the laser at full capacity, directly at what had to be a rear power nodule.

In a flash of light the back of the fighter ship ripped forward through its front. John gasped. An explosion was not what he’d expected. The shockwave blew back toward him, driving him back against the hull in a way that made him twist and shout out in sudden pain. Then the blackness of space claimed the final charred remains of the attacker. 

            Panting for breath, John weighed his options. His knee radiated pain. There wouldn’t be much time before someone came to investigate the explosion. The Osprey Captain would already be aware of the attack, although hopefully not what had caused the terrorist ship to detonate. They’d be looking for answers. John straightened and forced himself to bring up his helmet comp unit and signal for a map. It flared to life across his visor, the light color of the map illuminating his screen with a sudden flare of pain behind his eyes. The explosion had left his head throbbing and his knee feeling as though he’d been kicked, hard.


            “I heard that Norton. Good to know you’re alive. Now get your ass in here.”

            “I’m working on it,Davis. Keep your pants on.” John’s map pointed the way and a quick pulse from his jet pushed him toward the closest service hatch.

            “Trust me, I wouldn’t go anywhere near you without my pants.” The deep voice of his longtime friend and only mission tech radiated good humor. The man had a sick sense of what was funny in the middle of the most dangerous of missions.

            “I keep telling youDavis– you’re not my type.”

            “Far as I can see, you haven’t got a type. And you have three minutes before the security team reaches that hatch. Move your ass.”

            John didn’t reply. His knee throbbed now with every heartbeat. In space he didn’t have to put his weight on it. Inside the ship it was going to be a bitch to put any speed on and avoid arrest by the very people he was actually protecting. He had to get back to his cover assignment. He reached the hatch and yanked it open.Daviswould have already triggered the lock release from wherever the hell he was, via remote link. Now would come the hard part.

Next time I’ll give you the intro to my heroine!

Happy Reading for the New Year,




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  1. Great except, Lilly! Looking forward to it!

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