Battleships and Aliens

The hubby and I recently saw a trailer for the new Battleship movie.  I wish I could remember which movie it preceded, because I recall thinking the two didn’t match.  Regardless… we’re watching a trailer for this bigger than life action movie.  With Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch, so there’s some awesome scenery 😉 Anyway, they get to a point where one of the Navy’s ships is isolated by some enormous force-field, presumably of alien origin, and I say to hubby “This looks pretty good”.  Mind you, I still don’t actually know what movie the trailer is for, but there are attractive actors, explosions, a sci-fi sensibility, lots of action… yeah, I could get behind this movie.

My husband responds with, “You know this is for the Battleship movie.  Of course you remember the aliens in the game, right?”

Hubby is a master of sarcastic delivery, and I can’t stop laughing.  This movie could be awesome, but the tie in to a game… well, it’s not a new concept, exactly.  I can’t help but lose a bit of respect for this movie.  Might not stop me from seeing it, but I can’t help wondering if the game tie in is really going to draw in more viewers.  Or is it more likely to chase away those who think it’s ludicrous?  I mean, I think it’s ludicrous, but I’m also very forgiving of ridiculous premises and movies.  After all, I was one of the eight or so people who saw the recent Piranha remake… at the theatre… in 3D.

What do you think?  Any opinions on the movie or tie in?  Are you planning to see it?

KC Burn



  1. I haven’t seen a preview, but I used to own a “Star Wars” version of Battleship. Maybe that’s where they’re getting their ideas? lol

    1. Oh, if only I believed that! But hey, a Star Wars Battleship game? That’s pretty cool!

  2. Me! Me! I’ve gotta admit, the twelve-year-old in me is having a whale of a time at the movies these days. All these ridiculous high concept genre mash-ups–was I the only one who loved Cowboys and Aliens?–and now we get what looks like Transformers meets Pearl Harbor meets Independence Day. From a board game. Zero respect for the idea, but I’m buying a ticket.

    I heard they’re also adapting Monopoly into a film soon. :shrugs at that one:

    Piranha coughKellyBrookcough in 3D was criminal fun, btw.

    1. LOL – the Monopoly movie! And yeah, I enjoyed Piranha, although the eye candy for the other half wasn’t quite so spectacular 😉 I haven’t seen Cowboys and Aliens yet, but it’s on the list.

  3. Pass the popcorn! I’m totally going to see it.

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