A New Planet

Saw this on Twitter yesterday — “New breed of steamy alien planet found“, from MSNBC.  The article is brief, but considering how many ideas began whirling around in my head, that’s actually a good thing.  This new planet is apparently made up of a high percentage of water, but they also go on to say there has been around 700 planets outside of our solar system, and described a few of them.  If I followed these types of news stories regularly, I’d probably know all this already, but I don’t… mostly because I’d never be able to function at work for all the ideas such news stories generate.

My first loves were Star Wars and Star Trek.  I love the idea of aliens and different planets and travelling among the stars.  Discovering new planets, even remotely, is so damn cool, but I’ve only got limited data storage in my head.  Nevertheless, the images a water planet bring to mind… so many stories to write!

In other news, I’ve finished all edits for the sequel to Spice ‘n’ Solace, which also now has a title!  Titles are very difficult for me, but strangely, I already have the title for the third in the series.  Now I just need to get that written.  This new one, though, is called Alien ‘n’ Outlaw.  Love the name!  R’kos, the alien negotiator from SnS, comes across a thief, Darien, on the run from a crime lord and impulsively decides to help him.  Hijinks and nookie ensue.  (I can’t help it, I love the word hijinks, although I really think it should be spelled hijinx.)

KC Burn



  1. Hijinks and nookie are good! 😀

    A friend of mine told me about this water world discovery last night because in my Stellarnet Series, one of my alien races comes from a world that is almost entirely water. The small amount of land that exists is mostly marsh, bogland, swamp, rivers, lakes, etc. It’s very misty and overcast, with perpetual storms so that they rarely see the stars.

    As a result, this impacted many of the characteristics of the aliens themselves. I made them humanoid (since that’s an easier “sell” as far as the romantic elements), but they have a lot of quirks — like avoiding bright light, having larger eyes/pupils, webbed fingers and toes, excellent swimmers (they are sort of a dolphin/frog hybrid), no hair, and they don’t refer to “day” or “night” or “year” but to “rain season” or “storm.” Even their religion revolves around water — with the “Great Ocean” being something similar to what we’d call God, hell being the “whirlpool of Yaggla” where souls are trapped and can’t swim out to be reborn in the rain.

    Now, if they find a small planet covered in jungle where the sentient life evolved from parrots, and a planet with a barren landscape where the sentient life has evolved shell-like plating and lives underground like cockroaches… then I’m going to be really freaked out!

    1. Oh, yeah, you definitely have to consider environment when you start building your aliens, for sure! And no matter how much it might freak you out, I WANT them to find a planet where the sentient life has evolved from parrots!

      1. lol Parrot people are awesome. It would only freak me out because those descriptions would match the other two alien races in the Stellarnet Series. 🙂

        Just seems like every time I turn around, something in sci-fi isn’t “fi” any more! It’s an exciting time.

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