Aimless and Haphazard

  • The ability to download your personality into a hologram.
  • Going into stasis until conditions improve.
  • Getting sucked into a virtual reality game that’s better than life.

These sound familiar?  Yep, I’ve had the kind of week – well, two, actually – that make me wish I could literally dive into one of my favourite books.  Have I given you enough hints?  Do you all know which book I’m talking about?  It’s a shining example of a book based on a TV series – quite rare in my opinion.  Uh… not rare that people write books based on shows, but rare that they’re any good.

And I’ve tried.  Torchwood wasn’t bad, but the books are bound like my old Hardy Boys and that’s enough to put me in the wrong mind set.  I haven’t tried the Doctor Who ones, mostly because I’ll be really sad if they suck.  I’ve tried Monk, Psych, Castle and CSI… they don’t suck, but they suffer in comparison to the shows.  Red Dwarf, on the other hand, has the characters shine through on the page exactly as they do on the screen, and is hilarious.  Probably helps that the author team, Grant Naylor, also wrote the show.

I’m not sure I want a talking, highly evolved cat, but right about now, I’d take any of those three options I listed at the beginning.  Of course, if I literally could dive into a book, I’d be part of a whole ‘nother series, one by Jasper Fforde.  And if you haven’t read the Thursday Next chronicles, you should.  Not sci-fi – not exactly – but I could make an argument for it.  They’re clever, clever books and revolve around the ability to literally dive into literature.  And also quite humorous.

Now, before I sign off, check out this highly entertaining FB exchange where a guy comes out of the closet and his friends geek it up in the best way.  (Hey, I warned you in the title of the post.  You’re the one who read this far.)

Arnold Rimmer had it right: “I am a fish.”

KC Burn



  1. So, is the book you’re talking about the one based on Red Dwarf? I remember that show – it was hilarious!

    And that FB thread was delightfully funny and touching. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. Yes indeed, it was the book based on Red Dwarf. Not quite as funny as Douglas Adams’ stuff, but close. I loved the show, too.

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