A Little Off Topic

Okay, I know this is a sci-fi log, but I am so happy with a short paranormal erotic novella I intend to self publish on June 1st that I can’t help but put a little something on there to tell you all about it.

First, don’t you love this cover?  Like I said last time, a cover is like a present to me and I just loved this one. What a great way to keep my spirits ups while I am out of work—a visual reinforcement of the joy I get from writing.

Here’s the blurb:

Anna Scott lives along on the coast ofNew England, enjoying the solitude that comes with Five Island Cove. Except she isn’t always alone. Every year, as the weather warms, the seals return and so does her lover, a man who makes her as wild as an ocean storm, a man with magic in his soul.

Cael is a selkie, an ocean-born shapeshifter. Unlike his brothers he has never forgotten his lover when he returned to the swells of the deep ocean. Every summer two lovers reunite, fighting the odds that the ocean will take away Cael’s memory of being with Anna, and disobeying the unwritten law of his people to never reveal the truth of their lives under the waves.

This summer, as they near the time to part again, Cael and Anna face a new threat, a tangible one as hunters arrive in Five Island Cove. Can their love last through even more secrets and danger?

Sound good? J I just love to jump genres now and then.  Not that paranormal and fantasy are all that different from sc-fi, they all require careful world building and lots of imagination, and since my stories are also erotic romance, they have a commonality that links the genres – love. Of course I like to read a lot of different kinds of books. As readers, has your favorite series author every tried a new genre?  What did you think?  Were you intrigued or disappointed?


Alien Revealed – Book One of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2010

The Naked Truth – Book Two of The Confederacy Treaty – June 2011

Undercover Alliance – Book Three of The Confederacy Treaty – June 25, 2012

For more information about Lilly Cain, and for excerpts of her stories please visit www.lillycain.com. You can also follow her on Twitter at www.twitter.com/LillyCain or on Facebook at www.facebook.ca/Lilly_Cain


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