Real-life river-dwelling tribe faces genocide

I think one of the important features of science fiction has always been its ability to draw attention to injustice, to suggest better possible futures (or warn us away from the paths we’re on) and to inspire new ideas — both social and technological.

My novel Stellarnet Rebel, features an alien race called the Glin whose environment is devastated by Tikati invaders. Sure, it’s one of the common tropes in fiction. “Advanced technological power exploits/invades/destroys less advanced race.” You know it from Avatar, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Star Wars and many, many more.

You also know it from history. One person’s “invasion” is another person’s “victory,” so I will try to avoid ruffling any feathers. Let’s just cite the Roman Empire and the founding of the United States as examples, and move on.

Unfortunately, there’s another real-world example happening right now, not in the distant past or imaginary future. And, as my heroine Genny did for Duin and his people, there’s an Internet campaign underway to raise awareness of this situation and pressure world powers to intervene. So, I thought I would share it with you.

Experts warn Brazil’s Awá tribe will face extinction unless more is done to protect their land rights, which are being abused by illegal loggers and cattle ranchers. Awá land within Brazil has been legally demarcated, but its boundaries are not respected. The Awá people have nowhere left to retreat. There are several accounts of them being killed. (Source: Survival International)

Read more or watch the video here.



  1. I think you’re absolutely right, sci-fi has always been a vehicle for social commentary, more so than most other genre fiction. Thanks for adding the link. Losing a people and culture like that is such a shame.

  2. Stories like this are so disheartening, but there’s hope by spreading the word. & I certainly do hope that these people can be protected.

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