Living Large in Smallville

Somebody saaaaaave me. I’ve become thoroughly addicted to Smallville, the TV show about the teenage years and early manhood of Superman. I didn’t watch it when it was actually running, but now it’s over I’ve decided to watch all ten damn seasons. The teen drama and endless angsting kind of gets on my nerves. I watch it mostly for the Luthors: Lionel and Lex. What a wonderfully twisted family!

It’s kind of funny watching all the seasons so close together. How many times can people get blown up, stabbed, shot or experimented upon and yet show up in the very next episode perfectly fine and with nary a scar? Answer: a lot.  How many times can Clark flash his baby blues at the endlessly irritating Lana, while lamenting that they can never be together. Answer: a lot. How many plot holes can be created, then ruthlessly ignored? Answer: a lot.

And yet, I’m hooked. Whenever I’m about to throw in the towel I’ll get tossed one of my favorite episodes (anything involving Clark tripping on red kryptonite, Lex wobbling on the edge of redemption or Lana locating her backbone) and then I’m clicking away, ordering the next season.

Sigh. Only four more seasons to go. Please. Somebody save me. It’s not like I don’t know how it all ends! Anyone out there watch the entire thing? Why is this show so damn addictive? I’m not even a Superman fan! Sigh. I just ordered Season Seven.

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  1. I watched Smallville religiously when it first came on and was as addicted as you are. The show had great chemistry not only because of the writing but also because of the cast. I couldn’t imagine a better one.

    And that theme song–it totally popped.

    1. Ya know, for the first two seasons i thought the theme song was by U2.

  2. I have not one single urge to save you. LOL
    You got yourself in this mess and you’re loving every minute of it. 😉

    1. *bakes some cookies sprinkled with red kryptonite and sends them to Ella*

  3. […] a show I fancy is over, then watch it at my own rapid pace via DVD. I blogged about my ongoing addiction to Smallville over at Contact: Infinite Futures – the Carina Press authors’ SF blog. Check it […]

  4. It *is* an addictive show. I watched the first three seasons in like a week on DVD. Haven’t had chance to catch the rest yet–couldn’t afford it at the time–but if you’re saying the quality continues, I might be heading over to Amazon.

    It kinda follows the Buffy/Roswell High formula to a tee: quirky best friend, perfect not-quite-attainable love interest, secret superpowers, etc. But the Luthers are definitely the most interesting parts.

    And it’s sort of a shame Tom Welling will always be small screen Clark Kent, never big screen Superman. He’s had the longest audition of all time and…oh, well.

    1. The quality is all over the place, IMO. A kind of lame ‘meteor freak of the week’ will be followed by something awesome that really moves the larger story forward. It’s the ‘something awesome’ that keeps me coming back again…and again…and again.

      I watched the first couple of episodes of Buffy when it aired and I thought it was lame. *ducks* I suppose that’s something I should revisit.

      Something I really, really like about the show is all the guest appearances from actors of my youth – the dudes from the Dukes of Hazard (they killed off Jonathan, noooooo!), Christopher Reeve (seeing him and Tom W. together was so damn bittersweet), Margot Kidder (damn, that woman has had some tough breaks) and Linda Carter (guesting as Chloe’s mom. I let out a big squee when she showed up.) The producers show a lot of respect. I like that.

  5. I watched it while it was running but I couldn’t keep up with it so then I watched it all from the beginning again online 🙂 I love Smallville & like you said anything involving red kryptonite became my favorite episodes ! I might just watch it again… how did you like the ending?

    1. I’m stashing the next couple of seasons to keep me warm over the frigid upstate New York winter. Too busy for TV during the summer!

      1. Go for it!
        This show is great, I’m trying to get my friends to watch it also.

  6. Smallville was one of my favorite shows growing up. I rarely had the opportunity of watching a full episode, less even to watch a complete season. I recently got my hands on the first season and I can’t wait to go through all of them!

  7. Jessica Subject · · Reply

    LOL I used to watch this all the time. And I watched Lois and Clark years ago. I do love Superman, though. 🙂

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