Summer Sci-Fi

It’s that time of year when the movie landscape is dotted with fantasy and sci-fi—the summer. Somehow, every summer the science fiction movies dominate the big screen and pull us in from the good weather to be frightened and fascinated.

Last week I went to see Prometheus, a prequel to Alien, a movie that seriously frightened me when it came out a few years ago. I was disappointed. So not scary. SO predictable. So I am looking at the other offerings (I don’t get out a lot to movies so some of these have been out a bit) and this is what caught my eye.

Another Snow White story – Snow White and the Huntsman, looks like an urban fantasy except set in the past. I’d like to watch that, but maybe on my TV.

Piranha 3DD – because people just love stupid B monster flicks. Forget it.

Extraterrestrial – A story of a guy who wakes up with missing memory, a one night stand, and aliens floating over his city. Interesting, but probably a see at home on the TV flick (see how picky I am about the big screen?).

Seeking Friend For The End of the World – much as I like the premise, I hate Steve Carroll. Skip.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter – I am going to see this. Maybe today. Who doesn’t love twisting history like this??

The Amazing Spider Man – Nope, this has just been done to death and I am tired of spider guys. Skip.

Red Lights – A spooky paranormal investigation. This one has Sigourney Weaver, and definite possibilities. Maybe.

The Dark Knight Rises – nope, had enough of the bat guys too. Skip.

The Watch – okay, maybe a little funny sci-fi spoof would be a good thing. Who can’t imagine Ben Stiller in a group of ‘protector’ watchmen who run into the real thing – aliens? Maybe!

Total Recall – I live my Arnie movies but I am willing to see what they would do with this remake. What is real after all? Yes.

 I’m sure I am missing a bunch of titles, these are just a few that come to mind.  What are you planning on seeing this summer?

 Lilly Cain

The Confederacy Treaty Series – Alien Revealed, The Naked Truth, and coming June 25th, Undercover Alliance! From Carina Press



  1. Not sure how I feel about the Total Recall remake. I like Colin Farrell well enough, but I’m not sure about him in the role. Not to mention, why in the world remake that movie? Why can’t we have some new, original scripts coming out of Hollywood? Enough of the remakes and beating a film franchise to death (Prometheus). Or “reboots” (Spider-man). That said, the release of the newest Star Trek can’t come fast enough and I’ll be watching all these movies. If it’s SF, I’m there.

    1. I think it could be good. Much as I liked Arnie, he wasn’t all that much of an actor. I’d like to see what they do with it – I always loved the concept of the movie.

  2. Prometheus was a massive let-down for me. A mess on multiple levels, including the worst geologist character I’ve ever seen. Is it a monster movie, or is it cerebral SF instead? Not really, and don’t make me laugh. It’s one of those schlocky DTV sci-fi movies you only watch because it’s set in outer space, only this one has tremendous visuals and a brilliant performance by Michael Fassbender.

    To be honest, I think SF is in a serious movie slump right now. Ella’s right, there are precious few original scripts being filmed. The only one I’m remotely interested in in the second half of 2012 is LOOPER, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Supposed to be a real mind-bender. After that, GRAVITY looks good, and ELYSIUM should be interesting.

    The new Total Recall doesn’t even get its ass to Mars, so I won’t be bothering.

    1. Ah, you’re absolutely right about Prometheus. So completely dissapointing. And I had no idea – Total Recall doesn’t go to Mars? What the heck? Clearly I didn’t watch enough promos. I am off to look at the ones you suggest!

  3. There isn’t much that’ll get me into the cinema these days. Prometheus had me excited, but the reviews have been disappointing. Remakes, reboots, series that never end. Yawn. Thank goodness for books.

    1. Too true! I read a lot all year long, and there is nothing like sitting in the shade of a big tree on a summer’s day with a good book!

  4. I’m pretty much with you on every one of these. I do want to see Huntsman and Abe Lincoln. I might go with friends just for fun and leave kids at home with Dad. A movie’s got to be REALLY something to get me to fork over the $$$ for a sitter so my husband and I can both go together! Not sci-fi, but I’ll be taking my kids to see ParaNorman and Brave. And that will probably be the extent of my in-theater summer movie going.

    1. I took my 2 daughters (and one of their friends) to see Brave on Sunday. After snacks it cost $65! Shocking! And I don’t know as I would say it was really worth it. Brave was not bad, but it felt a wee bit lacking in something.

      1. I liked the fact that Brave didn’t center around a love story. Most (all??) Disney fairy tales do. Not to say I dislike romance! But I enjoyed the storyline in Brave. Refreshing. Especially since motherhood is so often treated like crud in movies — the mother is dead and/or evil/stupid.

    2. I quite enjoyed Snow White & the Huntsman. Nothing special but a solid dark fantasy, better than I expected.

      1. I agree with you, Robert. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, and I really enjoyed the fact that the “princess” had dirt under her fingernails, no makeup, etc. The ending left me feeling a little unfulfilled, but other than that, did enjoy.

  5. Oh, boy, I was thinking about bitching about Prometheus on Wednesday 🙂 Forget the debate about “what it all means”, all those characters did a number of really stupid things. I’m not sure I’m too keen on any of the other upcoming movies.

    1. Same here. You post that article, KC, so I won’t have to. :grins: I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing/hearing in certain scenes. These numbskull “scientists” might even top the geniuses in Alien v Predator.

      My favourite line (from the crew’s “geologist”): “I love rocks!” At which point he throws a hissy fit because there aren’t any rocks and he’s bored and there’s nothing for him to do…in A FREAKING ALIEN SPACECRAFT!!!

      Duuuuude! I think his name’s Fifield. Absolute all-star.

  6. The preview for Total Recall looked good and sometimes, not staying true to the original is the best things to do. Why watch the same script with different actors? I’ll give a fresh take a chance.

    I think they stick with known franchises and remakes because they have a built in audience and recognition factor that lets them be sure to get above the noise. Sometimes books like the Abe Lincoln one can give a fresh movie some visibility, but sadly original SciFi books have not been hitting it big for a decade or so. And now books are doing pretty well by going into cable TV production, but mostly those are fantasy. Sigh.

    I’m just glad to have some SciFi to watch. I’m loving Falling Skies on TV and looking forward to Revolution in the Fall. Call me easy. 😉

    1. Hi Charlee,

      I agree- think of Footloose. That was word for word. And BAD.

      We all mourn the lack of sci-fi on the small and big screens. WHERE is my next Star Trek movie, people? It may not be the best franchise, but I love it and miss it.

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