Relocating? Ideas to Consider

I’ve recently been considering relocating. Searching the internet for new locations has been pretty interesting. While I can’t say I am interested in moving far away from my current neighborhood, and I certainly can’t afford a lot, some people have come up with some interesting ideas and criteria for their own home searches.

I love the idea of being off the grid. Some of these homes in the article Sci-fi Worthy Homes of The Future take it to the extreme! Of course none of them has actually ever been built. I wonder how many millions of dollars they would cost just to create a prototype. Le Sigh.

But some considerations must be made for the disasters of the future. Zombiepocolypse is surely just around the corner. Check out Anti-Zombie Strongholds for Sale although, to be honest I see WAY too many windows for my own security, Except maybe for the underground locations. And I have a serious question. If zombies are dead, can’t they just WALK through the water on the bottom of the lake/ocean/moat?

But if I really had a choice I think I might go for a house fit for a supervillain. Not that I am crossing over to the dark side, but they are just bloody cool. Me Want. Look at these on Lairs and Supervillain Would Love.

Castle of Palatine Hills

How about you? Think there are any homes out there that would work for you, far into the future? If cost were no consideration, obviously. LOL


The Confederacy Treaty Series – Alien Revealed, The Naked Truth, Undercover Alliance from Carina Press


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  1. […] and my ideas for architecture often get blended into other, stranger thoughts (see my post on relocating ideas to consder). Lately I’ve been thinking about Libraries and how they are changing. Sackville […]

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