Cage Match!

Oops.  Almost missed my post today!  While I saw some sci-fi movies and there’s been that whole Mars landing thing, I don’t have anything prepared.  Between house guests and a bad back I haven’t been able to sit in front of the computer for long.  So, I thought I’d ask a quick but fun question…

Han Solo and Captain Kirk are in a cage match (no weapons) — who’d win?

KC Burn



  1. Captain Kirk, totally. Han is savvy with a laser, but I don’t recall him having much hand-to-hand mojo. Kirk is hardcore.

    1. Oh JL – I’m so sorry! I didn’t realize I had a comment! I’m afraid I’ve missed a lot with my back issues 😦 I haven’t heard much about Han’s hand-to-hand but he seems scrappy & that he’d fight dirty, which probably wouldn’t stand up to Kirk who was, let’s face it, a brawler. If there’s gonna be a fight, he’s in it!

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