Punching a velociraptor in the face and other quite interesting things…

Yes, this week I have mostly been watching Primeval. Series 1 and 2 have been on a loop on my computer as I attack my wip. It helps as a form of background noise. Though what this has to do with medieval fantasy and a fairly disgusting magic system, I have no clue. My brain moves in a mysterious way…

Anyway, here’s what Primeval is about:

When evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter discovers prehistoric creatures alive and well in the present day the natural world is turned on its head and humanity faces a threat to its very existence. Unexplained anomalies are ripping holes in the fabric of time, allowing creatures from the past, and the future, to roam the modern world.

The above is from a casting call for the programme – they spelt the title incorrectly, but we won’t quibble.

Primeval was ITV’s answer to the BBC’s Doctor Who. For a while they went head to head with the DW reboot on a Saturday night…but for us, David Tenant won. *grin* We caught bits of Primeval in repeats and found it that bit more gory–but then it does deal with dinosaurs and other creatures that see humans as tasty snacks. The box set for the first two series was bought–for a fiver, yay!–and consumed. And they are still my favourite. The programme runs to 5 series, but the actor playing Nick Cutter, I think, wanted out, so a lot of the long running story lines came to a very abrupt end.

There are moments that I love in this series. Chasing dodos through the kitchens of a football ground. A Colombian mammoth on the M25. The incident with a Precambrian worm and a samurai sword. Or Cutter refusing to share a lift with a velociraptor and punching it in the face. Love the last one.

Primeval gives me another shot of time-travel fun–which I love–and as with Doctor Who offers me  something to share with my boys. There’s a carboniferous spider in our museum exactly the same as the one that appeared on the Tube. Also travelling the Tube and getting them to watch out for spiders or giant centipedes is almost as much fun as warning them not to blink around public statues or did those mannequins in a shop window just…move? Yes, I am Geek Mum 🙂

So, I was wondering, what programmes do you take out into the real world?

*The raptor is a Dromaeosauras albertensis…but really, that simply  doesn’t have the same oomph when you punch it…



  1. The Dr wouldn’t punch the velociraptor in the face – but he’d let River do it! And then run. There’s a ridiculous amount of running… I must get me some Primeval, I think! Thanks for the laugh. 😉

  2. I think #9 – Christopher Ecclestone could’ve punched a velociraptor 😉
    I do recommend Primeval – the same people made Walking with Dinosaurs, so they’re CGI is good.

  3. Also it’s ‘their’. I think I need tea…

  4. It’s not TV, it’s a web program, but Yogscast is probably the biggest entertainment in our lives, right now. Sometimes, I listen to it in the background on my laptop when I’m working. Their t-shirts are part of our regular wardrobe — and I don’t think we can have a conversation in our family without quoting something we heard in one of their webisodes.

    But my kids still can’t see an angel anywhere without saying “Don’t blink!” We don’t have blue police boxes in the US, but we have similar looking blue porta-potties, which the kids call the “Turdis.”

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