The Watch

Anyone go see this?  The whole premise sounds a bit like a story prompt: The neighborhood watch discovers aliens in the neighborhood… and go!

But it the alien effects were rather well done, and overall it was quite funny.  Although how could it not be with Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller & Jonah Hill?  The fourth member of the watch, Richard Ayoade, held his own with the other three.  Granted, a good bit of the comedy came from bathroom humor, but I’m not well-bred enough — I still found it funny 😉

Overall, it was campy and clever and a whole lot of fun, as long as you don’t mind excessive spillage of alien guts everywhere.  I’d recommend seeing it, if you get the chance.  Probably out of the theaters already, because I saw it before my back went out weeks ago, but there’s always DVD & HBO, right?

KC Burn


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