Why We Love Sheldon

I haven’t been on for a while – the summer vacation finally caught up to me. But September is just a day away and I’m gearing up for the new TV season, along with giving thanks that my kids will be returning to school and I will get my life…er…schedule back. I’ll get to write again, and I’ll regain the TV remote as the kids return to earlier bedtimes. YAY! Although there looks to be a few new good series coming up, the return of one of my favorites has me smiling a big geeky smile. The Big Bang Theory. Ah, Sheldon, that tall, slender man-child I have come to adore.

The truth is, a huge number of people have come to adore Sheldon and his strange yet oddly familiar ways. We wear Bazinga t-shirts and drink from Bazinga coffee mugs.

I think there is a very specific reason it has done so well. This is a show about geeks and we are all geeks at heart. No – it’s true, trust me. Everyone of us that has gone to a Transformer movie, watched the Mars Rover news, played World of Warcraft, or secretly prayed for a new Lara Croft movie, has an inner geek. There are millions of us.

Sheldon just lets it all hang out. He and his friends have open discussion about things we have either wondered or assumed something about. The inner workings of the Star Trek ships. Rock, paper, sizzors, lizard, Spock. Why some girls like geeks. They discuss sci-fi movies and series like they are real and like they carry the deeper meaning of life. Maybe, if you take them from Sheldon’s point of view, they do. He rolls with his own rules, carefully developed from what has worked for him in the past. He doesn’t care if it works for you, just him. While I wish this could be the way I roll, too – I have kids to think of. Sheldon won’t have to think about that unless he really does practice mitosis.

I can’t wait for the series to resume. Plus, there is a whole new Dr. Who season coming up, Supernatural, and Grimm. YES. Bring on September.




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