Male Pregnancy

My first introduction to this concept was in Alien, although that was a little more like a parasitic invasion than a pregnancy per se.

As I moved into writing gay romance, though, I saw it on a surprisingly frequent basis, primarily in sci-fi but also in paranormal stories.  Those pregnancies are usually the supernatural or extraterrestrial result of a sexual relationship with an alien or a paranormal creature.  While a number of heterosexual romances have happy ever afters concluding with a baby, I’m don’t think I’ve ever seen male pregnancy in straight romances.  (And do correct me if I’m wrong – I’d like to see how it’s done.)

My recent release, Alien ‘n’ Outlaw, features alien and human protagonists involved in a romantic relationship.  I’ve blogged about how tricky it is to develop an alien species that’s alien but still relatable.  I’ve blogged about the difficulty in tipping that over into sexual attraction, and the improbability of finding a species that would have bits in a mutually pleasurable arrangement.  Never once did I suspect there was a small portion of readers who were expecting an m-preg storyline because I had an alien and human getting it on.

Quite frankly, it had never occurred to me to write such a storyline, and once I thought about it, I realized I likely never would.

Now, as a woman and an LGBT supporter, I believe strongly in equal rights, including health & insurance benefits and equal marriage & adoption rights.  Having a man become pregnant seems like the ultimate in equality, right?  And a great step for a sci-fi story.  But deep down, I don’t view it that way.  Because I’m also a woman who has chosen to be childless, which makes me super-sensitive to a different message an m-preg storyline might send.

I’ve had a few people close to me question the decision my husband and I made not to have children.  Let me tell you, procreation does not need to be the end result for a happy couple and my relationship isn’t invalidated because I don’t have kids.

There may be gay men out there who wish they could impregnate their partner, or straight guys who’d like to bear children for their women, but I worry that imposing the procreation factor on a gay couple sends the message that their relationship is “less than”.  I mean, they may still have to deal with the ignorance of “which one is the woman”, which is ludicrous since they’re both men.  And they can be great parents without one of them actually being pregnant.

So, yes, having men become pregnant may be a great sci-fi storyline, but because of my personal hang-ups and my tendency to overthink shit, it’s not one I’m likely to use.  Maybe I would if I were to write straight romances, but even that’s doubtful.  Nevertheless, if you’ve got some recommendations for m-preg stories, tell me!  Just because I won’t write something doesn’t mean I won’t read it! 🙂

KC Burn



  1. KC, this post made me laugh. Not at the topic, I just like the way you talk about it. 😀

    I didn’t know about the human/alien male pregnancy thing, but I have to agree with your points. I don’t think I’d want to write a male pregnancy story, either. Successful relationships and individuals come in all forms, and children birthed from a bodily orafice don’t necessarily mark the pinnacle of lifetime achievement or the height of romance.

    Btw, people with kids still get the “Aren’t you going to have (more) kids?” question, too. As if “just” having one or two wasn’t good enough. Go for the gold and have THREE! Blah.

    1. Hey JL! I absolutely know people with kids also get that pressure, and because of my sensitivity around the subject, I’m very careful not to ask that same question. It makes me grit my teeth just to hear it, especially when mom’s just back from maternity leave – I’m always “give the poor woman a rest, would ya?”

  2. I admit, I’ve written a pregnant male story! I’m actually scared of it, so it’s just collecting dust.
    But I agree with your points. having a pregnant man in a m/m story adds so many more layers, it does get tricky. I have to admit, I like stories that question gender roles, so I’d be interested in reading it!

    As for a recommendation, I read one that I still think about. On the Edge of Time by Barbara Karmazin.

    1. I’ll have to look that one up by Barbara Karmazin – and I’d love to see yours! You should send it somewhere – obviously there’s a market 😉

      1. Heehee. I do want to get back to those stories. There are two. I think I’ll make it a goal for 2013!

        Do look up the Karmazin book. It really is one of those that lingers long after you’ve read it. She had a way with words.

  3. Watched a Mystery Science Theater the other night and they did a Roger Corman film, “Night of the Blood Beast” from 1958. It had a male pregnancy thing going on, similar to Alien, where one of the men was implanted with alien embryos. And of course funny because of the MST commentary. Made me think of this discussion and I figured I’d share. 🙂

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