Cage Match, Part Deux

Right, so I’m still trying madly to catch up from the back problems (and an additional health issue, and the last minute trip back home to deal with a sick parent… and… and… and…) I haven’t read much, and no sci-fi.  I’ve been able to watch TV even when I can’t sit properly, but for some reason, not much sci-fi. I sure as shit haven’t written any sci-fi (in the past two months I’ve managed 3K words – which I could usually do in a single day, even a day where I’m at the regular job). Which means I’m copping out a wee bit and posting another cage match.  This time, though, I’ve got a little bit of set up.  Remember, it’s a weaponless fight in a cage.

First, I thought I’d pick one of my favorites to go in the cage: Mal from Firefly.  But who to pit him against?  Why, Captain Jack from Torchwood, of course.  The coats would provide a great symmetry, and seriously… how hot would that be?  Then I reconsidered.  I’m pretty sure Captain Jack would squish Mal like a bug.  To make it a fair fight, I think he’d need to go up against Jayne instead.

Secondly, Jack has an unfair advantage with that whole “back from the dead” thing, but nevertheless, who do you think would win in hand to hand combat, just short of killing each other?

Captain Jack from Torchwood vs Jayne Cobb from Firefly… and go!



  1. My head is exploding from the awesome. I don’t care who wins, but can they kiss at some point? Then everyone wins. LOL

    1. LOL – you know kissing was on *my* mind 😉

      1. Yes, but the struggle before that kiss!

  2. I’m rooting for Jayne!

    1. I love Jack, but I do have a total soft spot for Jayne.

  3. A man named Jayne with a Ballad in his honor to boot? How can he not win?

    1. LOL – I saw your tweets – you’re clearly biased. But the ballad is a good point.

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