Cloud Atlas

To be fair, I had very little idea what it was about when my husband said he wanted to see it.  He described it as actors playing different parts in different times, including future times, and the vignettes were related by a particular piece of music.  Okay, well, I thought it sounded at least enough sci-fi that I could watch it. I have horrible taste in movies, I admit it freely.  I’m not big on dramas, chick flicks, or slice of life films. Besides, hubby also offered a Fork & Screen showing – I’m totally spoiled by assigned seating and waitstaff bringing dinner to my comfortable chair.

First of all… I got the impression early on in the movie that the birthmark (I don’t think this is a spoiler) represented reincarnation of the same person throughout time, but about halfway through I was confused enough about who was who that I think I was wrong. Hubby thought the birthmark represented who was “good” in each vignette, but yeah, one story in particular, if that guy was supposed to be “good”, then karma bent him over a barrel and reamed him for his trouble.

As for the futuristic bits, I completely get why they chose to moderate the English language. We certainly can’t expect the language to remain stagnant.  It was a good thought, but considering how quickly we flipped from storyline to storyline and how long it took to get your ear to figure out those modified speech patterns, just subtitle the damn thing, okay?  It wouldn’t kill ya, I promise. The soylent green reference ended up being surprisingly humorous, but I have a rather dark sense of humor.

Aside from the few shockingly graphic bits of violence, there were two stories which were rather interesting, but we didn’t spend nearly enough time on those, unfortunately.

I also got so caught up in figuring out which actor played which parts in each storyline, that seemed more interesting than most of the stories. It was terribly distracting trying to figure out which dark haired white guy they’d transformed into an Asian (and VERY poorly, I might add).  The piece of music? Not nearly as significant as it seemed from the commercial I saw afterward.

Long – it was long. Did I mention that? I think it was 3 hours long although when I asked my hubby just now, he said “dunno, felt like 6 hours”.

Best thing about it – guys kissing, however briefly.  Otherwise it was either aggressively mediocre or actively bad, but either way it was also long and confusing.  If you decide to see it, you have my sympathy and don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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  2. “Best thing about it — guys kissing…” lmao Sounds like fun, but not enough fun to put up with the rest. Ever see Being Human? It’s a 1994 movie with Robin Williams. Not sci-fi, but the premise is that you’re watching a man live through four lifetimes, spanning caveman days to the Roman Empire to Renaissance Europe to modern times. Or Butterfly Effect had a lot of time travel “how one life impacts others” stuff.

    1. I never saw Being Human, but that was the first movie hubby referenced when we left the theatre, so there are clearly some parallels here. I’ll have to watch it at some point!

  3. Oh dear. Think I’ll wait for it on blu-ray–three hours (or six) is a long slog without a pause button. It does sound original, though, and ambitious, which I generally go for.

    1. Ambitious. Yes, that’s definitely the word for it. And “original” is all too often a euphemism for “were you high?!?” But that might explain a lot 😉

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