Down the rabbit hole…’m about to start writing book 3 in my steampunk series, due out next year. I’ve been circling into it, preparing myself for the research–and trips–that come with alternative history fun.

<–That’s my little office. The two cubes to the far right are now full of books too 🙂

I swore that I’d never write steampunk as the research would be insane. (I also said I would never write about menage or manlove *cough*. I really should stop saying ‘never’…) And I was right. I live on etymology sites with my rampant anachronism paranoia, my Scrivener research tab scares people and I now have far too many books on the late Victorian era…but, writing steampunk has opened my eyes to the city in which I live.

Yes, for ease I set my book where I lived, but as I live in Liverpool, second city of the British Empire, possibly the busiest port in the world at that time… You get the idea. *grin* I’ve wandered around the rebuilt Exchange Flags, imagining the Victorian merchants haggling for business in the freezing square. I can wander past the settings for my books, walking in the footsteps of my characters–which is a strange experience as I usually write SF and fantasy! And finding out little touches–for example, that sailors used to tattoo their names and addresses onto their arms, so if they turned up in the deadhouse (a morgue under St Nick’s) someone could be told of their death.

So I’m readying myself to disappear down the rabbit hole–and even with all the research from the previous two books, I still have more to find out. Such as the reconstruction of slum courts in the museum, or a nighttime tour of the secret places below St George’s Hall. It’s going to be fun! 😀


Kim Knox brews sex, magic, darkness and technology in a little corner of North West England. She writes erotic science fiction and fantasy romance for Cleis Press, Carina Press and Ellora’s Cave.

DARK DEALINGS – out now from Carina Press
 Carina Press


  1. Go Kim! I’ve actually never been to Liverpool, and I live in Bolton, which ain’t that far away. Sad. This should be a fascinating steampunk, though; Liverpool always struck me as the Mos Eisley of the north, historically speaking. Looking forward to all three books!

    1. That’s a good description! lol

      There’s the story that the city changed natures with the wind in the time before steamships…as the west wind could dump 100 000 sailors in the city. My favourite still has to be that the merchants in the business district took up jujitsu to ward off attacks by the roughs. I want a time machine simply to see that 😉

      As you can tell, the research is taking over… lol

  2. The tattoos definitely caught my interest! And Jujitsu…wow. 😀 Your research is so awesome! And now I want to learn more about Liverpool.

    1. The history is often quite “…wow, really?” But then I might be biased 😀

  3. I also want your desk. And book collection.

    1. You *need* them both… lol

  4. Jodie Horton · · Reply

    Fascinating blog Kim, i’m eager to read you’re out come!!!! xxxx

    1. Thanks, Jodie 🙂

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