Where’s Lilly?

Hi everyone! You may have noticed I haven’t been on for a bit. In fact I haven’t been on since before Hal-Con. Well let me tell you about that first.

Hal-con, Atlantic Canada’s Science fiction and fantasy convention, was a blast! I met with writers and readers and mingled with stars. I got a chance to meet both John Rhys-Davies and René Auberjonois as they mingled with us lowly exhibitors, checking out the local talent. They did seem impressed with my seat-mate Julia Phillips Smith’s live action trailers for her dark fantasy books (who isn’t? See the one for Bound by Dragonsfyre here).

There was so much to see and do, and I loved meeting readers and handing out my bookmarkers and the awesome postcards from Carina press featuring my Confederacy Treaty series and a 10% discount. J  I took the time too, to walk the halls and see the other exhibitors, the goodies for sale and so much more.

Homestuck Characters

Homestuck Characters

But the part I loved the best was the costumes. People put so much work into these! I just have to post a few of my favorite, starting with my daughter and her friend, dressed as characters from Homestuck. She’s already begun a much more elaborate version of her character for next year, but she really did well with this one—I think she was surprised at both how many characters from Homestuck were represented there, and how many people wanted her picture.

IMG_0757Then there were these awesome guys:

Hal-Con 2012 Steampunk Salesman

And my very favorites – this steampunk travelling salesman – he deals in weapons, check them out – he had a story for every one.

IMG_0765And, these incredible bird ladies. I don’t even know what to say about these harpies except WOW.

So, what have I been doing since then? Two major events – I’ve been sick for a long time, and last week I went for an operation to fix that. Let’s hope it works!! But on an even more fantastic scale, I have a new writing contract!

I’ll be writing a new sci-fi series under a new name (since it isn’t erotic and I don’t want people to be expecting…well…erotic), Anne Rose. The series is called Bloodstones, and there are 3 planned books, all full length. This is New Adult writing—stories featuring characters who have newly become adults (aged 18-24) and are facing true independence and responsibility for the first time, and making life choices. The first story is called Glass Boots and it’d due by the end of February, so I bet you can guess what I’m doing right now. J

More soon,

Lilly Cain


Anne Rose




  1. John Rhys-Davies and René Auberjonois? I’m so jelly! Glad you enjoyed the convention. I think costumes are my favorite part, too. And CONGRATS on the new series!

    1. Thanks! A dear friend even stood in line for me to get an autographed pic of John Rhys-Davies (I love everything about the Indianna Jones series, so this is a treat!) in his fez hat, since I was manning the table. 🙂

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