Introducing: Anna Hackett

Winter FusionI’m pleased to introduce one of Carina Press’ most recent additions to the science fiction stable: Anna Hackett, author of Winter Fusion, one of three novellas in A GALACTIC HOLIDAY.

Diane: Welcome to Contact: Infinite Futures, Anna! Tell us a little about yourself.

Anna: It is wonderful to be here! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to join the Carina Press sci-fi authors along with my anthology sisters, Stacy Gail and Sasha Summers.

Okay, a bit about me – I’m a mining engineer, wife (to the love of my life) and mother (to a little man who runs me ragged!) I love watching action movies, reading romance and writing a combo of both. A busy lifestyle means I especially love reading and writing novellas and short stories.

Diane: Your science fiction romance novella appears in the Carina Press sci fi anthology, A Galactic Holiday. Was this your first foray into science fiction? What do you usually write?

Anna: Yes, WINTER FUSION is my very first sci-fi romance. And definitely not my last! I am so excited for it to be a part of A GALACTIC HOLIDAY, along with HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS by Stacy Gail and GALILEO’S HOLIDAY by Sasha Summers. We have Christmas in futuristic Chicago, a holiday on an icy moon and Yule on a distant ice world.

I usually write paranormal romance and first started writing short stories for Harlequin Nocturne Bites. I have also self-published some paranormal suspense novellas, The Anomaly Trilogy (think X-Men crossed with romance) and the final story, SOUL STEALER is coming out in February, 2013.

Diane: Welcome to the dark side! What tempted you to join us? *grin*

Anna: It’s fun on the dark side (-: I’ve always been a sci-fi fan. I grew up watching Voltron, Robotech and Battle of the Planets. I love Star Trek (Voyager is my fav), Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Alien, Star Wars…the list goes on.

It was the Carina Press Call for sci-fi holiday stories that finally intrigued me enough to sit down and write my own sci-fi adventure.

Diane: Your novella, Winter Fusion, is set on a beautiful planet of ice and snow. How did you decide on your setting?

Anna: I am so glad you thought Perma was beautiful! I was intrigued by the idea of what holidays would look like in the future and on a different world. I envisioned a world settled by people from Earth (Scandinavia to be exact). I knew I wanted to explore a different sort of winter holiday and was fascinated by Yule. After that my ice world of Perma fell into place.

Diane: The anthology was edited by Angela James, who blogs as Nice Mommy; Evil Editor. Tell us – just how evil an editor IS Angela James?

Anna: She is going to HATE me for sharing this…my edits were really easy (-: She said something like they were so light as to be ridiculous. But I’m really sure she can be evil!!

Diane: Authors are usually voracious readers. What were the last three books you read?

Anna: Yep, I fit the voracious tag. It was being a voracious reader that turned me into writer. Last three books I read (on my Kindle, of course) were: Lord’s Fall by Thea Harrison, Riveted by Meljean Brook and Dragonfly by Erica Hayes. A paranormal, a steampunk and a sci-fi!

Diane: Are you planning more writing in the science fiction genre?

Anna: Absolutely, I’m addicted now. I’ve not long finished a space opera…although I call it a space adventure romance! Sounds even cooler. It’s the first in a series. And I also have plans for another novella featuring Brinn and Savan from WINTER FUSION.

I’ll also share that both Stacy and Sasha (hope they don’t mind me spilling the beans!) are planning sequels to their novellas as well.

Galctic HolidayDianeDescribe each of the three novellas in the anthology in one snappy sentence each.

Anna: HOW THE GLITCH SAVED CHRISTMAS – In futuristic Chicago, a tenacious detective who refuses to modify her body teams up with her sexy, smartass, cyborg rival to track down a burglar who is putting toys into homes.

GALILEO’S HOLIDAY – On the icy moon of Galileo, a solitary ice miner born and raised in deep space finds herself stranded in a colony celebrating the holidays and discovers community, and love from a protective, loyal transport captain.

WINTER FUSION – On the distant ice world of Perma, an ex-space marine from a high-tech world collides with his rival Perman negotiator as they fight to evade an assassin and in the process uncover a desire hot enough to melt ice.

Diane: What’s your idea of the best way to spend a romantic winter evening?

Anna: Well, I’m from Australia and I currently live in Africa, so we don’t get very cold winter evenings! So scratch the standard image of a blazing fire. For hubby and I, it’s a nice dinner with a great bottle of red wine and watching a good action movie while snuggling on the couch (-:

DianeHow do you feel about social media in general? And how can readers track you down?

Anna: My motto about social media is to have fun with it! I like to share and chat about the things I like:  movies with spaceships, car chases and explosions, fast-paced romance books, and short stories and novellas.

I’m at all the usual places and I love to hear from readers who like a little adventure with their romance:

Anna Hackett – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

And you can find Stacy and Sasha at:

Stacy Gail – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Sasha Summers – Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads 

WINTER FUSION – Carina Press | Amazon | B&N | All Romance

A GALACTIC HOLIDAY – Carina Press | Amazon | B&N | All Romance

For a chance to win some out-of-this-world swag, check out our giveaway.

Diane: Thanks so much for visiting, Anna. Here’s wishing you many, many sales!



  1. Hi Diane — thanks so much for the fab interview! And for sharing a bit about WINTER FUSION and A GALACTIC HOLIDAY!

    1. My pleasure, Anna. It was great getting to know you a little better!

  2. Wow, Diane and Anna, this was a great interview! Thanks so much for telling the world about A GALACTIC HOLIDAY!

  3. Really fun interview, Anna. Welcome aboard, and congrats on your new book! The whole anthology sounds good.

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Robert. The anthology was lots of fun – mixing SFR and the holidays was an interesting challenge!

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