Books, books, books aka Christmas swag

I’m fitting in a quick post before I have to consume the very very last of the turkey.

I admit, I’m easy to buy for…as long as you buy me slightly odd and/or obscure reference books. This Christmas I bagged 5 – 4 on the seers, oracles and roman curiosities and one on synthetic biology.

I tore through the Oracle book – though it dragged a bit in places. The idea of finding a mostly scientific reason behind the Oracle of Delphi’s abilities was intriguing…and the bizarre experiments and field work that went into proving their theory.  Yes, the head of a Poison Control Centre and a female volunteer as the stand-in pythias should totally gas themselves in his garden shed…

So what’s your haul??



  1. Oh those look pretty! Mostly my haul wasn’t mine. I gifted books. LOTR to one kid & some James Dashner books for another.

  2. I received “The Darkened Room: Women, Power, and Spiritualism in Late Victorian England” and “This Book is Full of Spiders” (the sequel to “John Dies at the End” by Cracked writer David Wong).

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