Looking Ahead to 2013

So far, 2013 is shaping up to be like 2012 – kinda crap. Last year I had back problems that put back my writing schedule by months. This year, my current goal is to try to shake this horrible flu. If this post ends up a little rambly, this time we can blame the fever, okay?

First order of business… A reintroduction. I’m KC Burn, I write gay romance for Carina Press, among others. Sci-fi isn’t the only genre I write in, but it’s definitely one I love. My dad got me hooked on sci-fi when I was a kid, and I still love it. I’m a Canadian originally from Toronto but I now reside in Florida. However, my second personal goal for the year is to get my house ready (like, this weekend) to sell, because it looks like we’re probably moving to California. I never wanted to be a nomad but that’s how it seems to be shaping up.

Writing Goals

This year (heck, this month) I want to finish up the third book in my Galactic Alliance series.  I’ve also got an idea for a fourth one and possibly a fifth, so hopefully Carina will be interested in picking up the one I’m working on now. The story revolves around Captain Arcturus who shows his overly officious face in Alien ‘n’ Outlaw. I have a title chosen, but I’m weird about titles and like to keep them secret.

Zombie something. I love zombies. I don’t think I could do justice to a zombie novel, but I’ve got an idea for a little short I’d like to explore.

I also intend to keep working on the racy m/m steampunk web serial, Lords of Aether. Several talented m/m authors contribute to it, and we’re hoping to compile the 2012 episodes into an ebook.

I have a few non-sci-fi-ish writing goals, too. At least one more novel in my Toronto Tales series, a standalone about a psychic, and a contemporary about an actor who unexpectedly makes it to the big time. Oh, and the surfing one.  There are more ideas, but those are the ones I want to look at in 2013. It may be too ambitious, though!

Reading Goals

I want to reread one of my fav sci-fi series, the Deathstalker series by Simon R. Green. Awesome, awesome space opera.  I want to catch up on some of the new Carina Press releases from my fellow Contact IF contributors.  Between the full time job and the writing (and the recent physical infirmity), I don’t have nearly as much time to read as I used to. Oh, how I miss my lengthy public transit commute in Toronto. I got TONS of reading done!

Okay, the screen is starting to blur from the flu-induced migraine, so I’m going to call it done for today.  Sometimes, I’m on Facebook & Twitter.  Come visit 🙂

Twitter || Facebook || Lords of Aether


  1. Gosh, I hope all your health issues get resolved. Writing is just agony with a bad back. Hoping you’re fighting fit throughout the rest of 2013!

  2. Wishing you lots of good health in 2013, KC. Hope you get lots of writing in.

  3. Certainly hope the health problems stay cleared up and the move goes smoothly! I’m all on board with the third Galactic Alliance story. I’ll wait right here for it!

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