Another New Author

Author Anne Rose 

Hello Everyone! I’ve just joined Contact Infinite Futures as a new Carina Press author! I joined in November with a contract for my New Adult sci-fi series Bloodstones. 🙂 I’m pretty excited about it. Book 1 is currently called Glass Boots and you could think of it as a sort of sci-fi Cinderella.

Here’s the blurb. Sorry I have no idea when it will be released – its not finished yet!

Katya Jones lives and works on her family mine on a meteor in the Saturn belt. Living used to be good as they dug out rich stones to be sold in the lucrative jewel markets. But that was before the veins petered out and her father died, leaving Katya in the greedy and abusive hands of her step mother, S’linea, and her miserable step brothers. When the abuse layered on Katya becomes excessive, she and her only friend, her AI computer, make plans to escape. Stowing away on a trade ship headed to the jewel markets of Titan is dangerous; the markets are run by crime families and the cruelties known there might even exceed the threats at home. But getting there is the only chance Katya might have. 

Prince Sethtan de Marco is disgusted by the way his family runs the business. On Titan crime rubs shoulders with everyone on the planet—it’s a part of everyone’s life whether they want it to be or not. And at twenty-one it’s his turn to take a position and make an investment. Time to make an impression on the ruling families before they decide he might be a liability rather than an asset. Discovering a stowaway on the latest incoming shuttle should lead to him conducting his first public execution. But Katya’s innocent and her big brown eyes hold little fear when he pulls her from the hold. 

Katya knows she’s lucky not to be killed on sight. But who can trust a prince of thieves? Pulled together by forces neither can control, they’ll have to learn to believe in themselves and each other before Seth comes into power or he’ll be a prince with hands stained in her blood…

Hope I will see you all around – join me over at twitter at

Anne Rose



  1. Hi Ann, and welcome aboard! You had me at “family mine on a meteor” — where do I sign up? I’m curious to see what a New Adult SF is, very curious. This sounds great.

  2. Welcome Anne! Best of luck with the awesome sounding, Bloodstones!

  3. Welcome aboard, Ann!

  4. Congratulations!! The series sounds awesome!

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