Time to Make the Donuts: The Characters

escapeWhen last we posted, we were working on the setting for a new short story. We decided to set it within the Pandora Project universe, but outside the project proper. The story will not take place on the Auriga or Pandora, and won’t affect the overall plot of the novel series—but it may offer additional insight into what’s going on in the main series.

Now that we’ve got that settled, though, we have to figure out the characters. We knew right away we wanted to work with a pair of men who were once lovers but had split up for some reason and were now put back into contact with one another. But who were these men?

Anah has a vast collection of character creation worksheets, so we decided to take elements from a few of those to develop our characters. This is what we came up with:

Character: Mato Red Smoke
What does he want: redemption in his career after a disastrous failure that let a criminal go free
What does he need: to reconnect with the man he still lovesWhat is at stake: his career, and his happiness
Virtues: driven, persistent
Flaws: sharp-tongued, holds grudges
Quirks/Behaviours/Habits: rubs his fingers over a bear claw necklace when thinking
Change over the story: learns to forgive Rufus and, in the process, himself

Character: Rufus Septimus Carver
What does he want: to be whole again, to maintain his pride
What does he need: a way to reconnect with his partner without damaging his ego
What is at stake: his relationship with Mato and his ability to cope with his disability
Virtues: loyal, brave
Flaws: proud, stubborn
Quirks/Behaviours/Habits: tapping the fingers of his prosthetic arm, stands with his ‘bad side’ turned away from people
Change over the story: accepts himself, lets Mato in

About Us

Anah Crow and Dianne Fox write sci-fi, paranormal, and contemporary queer romance for Carina Press, Samhain Publishing, and Amber Allure. They’ve been writing together for more than 10 years. You can find them on the web at anahcrowdiannefox.com and on Twitter at @anahcrow and @diannefox.

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