Shawna Thomas: For The Love of Spock!

JourneyOfAwakeningFinalcoverI’ve been a Star Trek fan since I can remember. I am one of those fans that literally cried when the Enterprise was destroyed in Search for Spock. I read every book I could get my hands on and although I loved Kirk (My son’s lizard’s name is Tiberius James) and his love affair with his ship, I always thought it was sad that Spock didn’t have a real love interest. So I created one. Her name was Shanna and she was from a planet that was so eco friendly they built their houses on stilts so as not to damage the wild grasses. She was empathic and when she mated, it was for life because separation from her mate could mean her death.  You have to understand, this was in the early 90’s before the eco craze.  Now that I think about it, I could have been ahead of my time. Oh well.

The entire story, about 15 thousand words, was written long hand on a spiral notebook. Oh how I wish I could find that thing. I’m sure it would be worth a few laughs and maybe, just maybe I’d take it up again. Who knows? Fan fiction worked for another notable author. *G*

Yes, I had/have a crush on the stoic Vulcan. I mean who wouldn’t? He’s controlled, loyal, and extremely intelligent but under the surface lies a dangerous passion just waiting for the right woman to set it free.

It was from Star Trek that I learned that characters aren’t merely shaped by the world around them, but must also shape the world in which they live.  Through the complex relationship between Spock and Kirk—every bit as touching and deep as Sam and Frodo—I learned that a well-developed character must be real. With faults, quirks, depth, but always staying true to him or herself. Quite a feat when you consider how many authors write Star Trek fan fiction. Ultimately a well-developed character almost draws breath. People love or hate him or her but there is a reaction.

It was in Star Trek that I first completely lost myself in a fiction world. It might sound a bit dramatic, but even though I don’t write science fiction—I’m a fantasy kind of girl, Star Trek did help to shape the writer I am today.

So you might wonder what I think of the “new” Star Trek. I was apprehensive but the writers treated the “old” Star Trek with so much respect that I absolutely love the new twists. Yes, I own it. Yes I’ve watched it a half dozen times and you bet I’ll be in the line to see the new one. ; )

DSCF4245edit2 * * * * *

Winner of a 2011 RT Reader’s Choice award for her debut book, Altered Destiny, Shawna Thomas has been making up stories ever since finishing GONE WITH THE WIND. Once she put her own ending in writing, there was no looking back.

A wife and a mother of seven, Shawna lives in California where she gardens, writes, and drinks a lot of coffee. Visit her on her blog, twitter or Facebook.  

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  1. Great post, Shawna. I love some Spock. I completely understand the attraction! OMG, I would love to read your Spock story…hmm, Shanna sounds very like Shawna…

  2. We’ve been going through a re-watch phase of Original Trek at my house, and I do adore Spock. I’m a Kirk girl at heart, but yeah, Spock’s awfully awesome too. 😀

    Been picking up several of my old favorite Trek novels to read as well!

    1. Hi Angela! I go through phases. Right now I’m so busy I have had to forgo television and movies but I think this summer it will be a Star Trek marathon. Oh my kids will love me. ; )

      Thank you for stopping by!

      1. My pleasure! And hee, we recently re-watched the Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations”–the one where they go back in time to the Trouble With Tribbles episode. And Jadzia Dax TOTALLY starts swooning over Spock. ❤

  3. Hi Anna,

    Yes, it does. : ) I think there was a little self-indulgence going on there. : ) I tried to find it a few years ago and couldn’t. I think it’s time to look through the boxes in the garage again. ; )

    Thank you so much for your comment!


  4. Spock’s fangirls are always welcome at Contact: Infinite Futures. Thanks for visiting, Shawna. Or is it Shanna? *grin* Best of luck with sales of ‘Journey of Awakening.’

    1. LOL You know I almost named my oldest daughter Shanna before I determined it was a tag egocentric. She’s pretty glad I didn’t. Although she doesn’t love Jessica much either. ; /

  5. I’ll never forget the night at the dinner table when my parents quoted a Star Trek movie (“nuclear wessels!”) and my sister and I had no idea what they were talking about. Mom and Dad looked at each other almost in horror and said, “What have we done? We’ve left such a hole in their knowledge of American pop culture!” We rented II, III, and IV that very night and my life has never been the same.

    1. Sarah, you have wise parents. : ) And that is the power of Star Trek. Thank you so much for commenting.

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