Space Age Clothing

It’s blog day again! I’m in trouble! Between trying to finish my manuscript (supposed to be 40K, is now 57K and NOT DONE YET) and dealing with… ugh, so many problems related to the sale of our house, I’m slowly losing my mind. Just when I was starting to panic, though, I saw this link on Facebook. I’m afraid I don’t recall who posted it, but you’re a lifesaver! Okay, I have to dial back the hyperbole. A blog saver at best : )

Two weeks ago, I blogged about the show Continuum, featuring a law enforcement officer who travels from the future to the present – unintentionally – following a group of terrorists. The cop (I believe) has some cybernetics, but she’s also got this fancy uniform with a user interface on the arm. Just like the one in this link! A touchscreen shirt – like manna from heaven! (Oy, the hyperbole filter is soooo broken right now).

Anyway, this will be short and sweet, but take a look. Seems pretty cool! Although cleaning might be an issue (I’m having flashbacks of accidentally putting hubby’s Hypercolor shirt in the dryer. Yes, I’m old, I know). I imagine the dry cleaning bills for this could be astronomical.

KC Burn



  1. THIS is so cool. Just like the interactive bracers, gloves and other items in my Stellarnet Series. I solved the “cleaning” issue in my version of the future by having everything made from antibiotic materials (which are a reality and have been used in such items as military underwear, for soldiers in the field who can’t do laundry) — also assuming that in Earth-future and outer space, water is not “wasted” on such things as washing clothes, when they outlive their antibiotic properties, they are simply recycled (recyclable fabrics also a thing of reality, though not widely used. Yet.). Thanks for sharing!

    1. That certainly makes sense, JL! As soon as they combine this and military gitch, we’ll be well on the way to the future you’ve envisioned – very cool!

  2. This is pretty cool. But consider this: it won’t be long before they make this internet capable so as to have a cell phone built into your sleeve. When that happens, you can be GPS tracked by your clothes. While paranoid parents might feel their kids are safer wearing this sort of thing, for all others it’s a privacy issue waiting to happen. Is this the road we want to go down?

    1. I have to admit I’m of two minds about the “big brother” issue. There are certainly times when I think it might not be such a bad idea. I think having a cell phone in your sleeve isn’t much different from the cell phones that most of us treat as an additional limb 🙂 Right now, how many people are willing to give up that easy access over concern that someone might be tracking them? Or, probably already is. But potential privacy issues are certainly things to be considered.

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