Titanic…In Spaaaaaace: “Wreck of the Nebula Dream” by Veronica Scott

WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAMWhen Veronica Scott’s sci-fi novel, ‘Wreck of the Nebula Dream’ released in March, 2012, it came at an interesting time for me. This book is loosely based on the story of the Titanic disaster. At the time, my youngest boy was studying this in school and had become quite obsessed with the story, requiring multiple books from the library, endless google image searches, copies of every Titanic movie ever made, and my input on the hundreds of pictures he drew (one was recently published in the school magazine.) Being so immersed in everything Titanic, I was more than ready for a reinvention, a different take on the oh-so-tragic story. Enter “Wreck of the Nebula Dream.”

When I mentioned to my son that I was reading TITANIC…IN SPAAAAAACE, as I described it, he demanded I tell him the story. So I did. The reader’s digest version, of course. With his tastes in mind,  I de-emphasised the romance aspects, which were pretty light anyway (he doesn’t like “kissy bits”) and increased the emphasis on the two kid characters. I was actually quite proud of my re-invention of Veronica’s re-invention *grin* And my son LOVED it! He’s a creative little tyke and he immediately started working on his own version, which he soon abandoned in favor of his re-invention of THE SIEGE OF STALINGRAD…IN SPAAAAAACE. I so wish I could steal that idea from him, but he’s already informed me that I have to either buy his ideas with cold hard cash or promise him ten percent of my royalties. Brat.

“Wreck of the Nebula Dream”  was such a fun story to tell that I wasn’t too surprised to hear that Veronica was working on an audio version of the book. And now it’s available. You can listen to an excerpt here (“play sample” right below the cover art) and read an interview with the narrator here. The book is also available in print and e-book. Go check it out!

Veronica ScottA few blurbs from Goodreads:

“…a terrific mix of science fiction, action adventure, and just the right touch of romance.”

“Thrilling scifi action will have you enjoying this take on the Titanic story.”

“…entertaining from beginning to end.”

My son was also pretty impressed that I follow Veronica on Twitter and was able to share his comments on the story with her. He was delighted that she was so thrilled to hear from her youngest fan and I thought it absolutely charming that she had so much time for him. You can follow this fine lady here or check out her website here.


  1. LOL, I really enjoyed the comments last year from your son, as relayed by you! and it made me feel pretty good that he could relate to my eight year old character…although there certainly are more grown up characters for the adults to enjoy. Thanks for the fun post about the book!

    (You know, his Stalingrad in Spaaaaace might make a great miniseries…)

  2. I love it! My daughter loves to write short stories. She has such a vivid imagination, if she does become a writer, which she says she is, she’ll eclipse any success I ever manage!

    On our trip to Utah, we listened to the audio of Altered Destiny. I really don’t know if the kids liked it or not. I did blush at the kissy parts though. Even though there weren’t many.

    This is an adorable story. Veronica, is it okay that I’m jealous of your youngest fan?

  3. Titanic in Spaaaaace! Somebody’s gone high concept! I love how a good story appeals to everyone, and readers take from it what resonates with them. I think the fact that “Wreck of the Nebula” hooked a 10 year old means it has universal appeal! Congratulations, Veronica.

  4. This really is a fun and adorable story. Loved reading about Veronica’s youngest fan. 🙂

  5. Such a sweet story!! Loved it 🙂

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