10 Fun Space Tweets

Space Junk-Keithfiore

Image: Keithfiore

I see the coolest things on Twitter. Things I probably would never have discovered otherwise. Some of it I could have probably done without (now it’s just like space junk floating around in my head taking up valuable space) but some of it is interesting and entertaining. Best of all, some of it is perfect for sparking new story ideas!So here are 10 fun tweets about space that I found recently on Twitter. I will not vouch 100% for their authenticity (-:

Wired@wired Watch Live: City-Block-Size Asteroid Comes Out of Nowhere and Flies By Earth http://oak.ctx.ly/r/2vr2io9@io9

Rare binary stars help astronomers measure our place in the universe http://on.io9.com/ssrkAH5

Science Porn @SciencePorn

Between the time it was discovered and the time it was unclassified as a planet, Pluto did not even complete one revolution around the sun.


Astronomer discover unimaginably massive ‘Diamondplanet 40 light-years away http://huff.to/TGCczN  via @HuffPostScience


Wow! @Chandraxray suggests a rare explosion may have created our galaxy’s youngest black hole! http://go.nasa.gov/11Gpsy5  http://go.nasa.gov/YrfFoe


One of the best places to search for alien life is the last that you’d expect http://on.io9.com/RNY79EQ


It’s what’s inside that counts. @NASA orbiter detects ancient flood channels buried by lava on Mars. http://1.usa.gov/WNGCCC

Curiosity Rover@MarsCuriosity

Storm’s a-comin’! There’s a solar storm heading for Mars. I’m going back to sleep to weather it out. http://apne.ws/13HBAz7


Asteroid mining to dominate the industry: experts http://bit.ly/ZB5YHD  #mining

Portal to Universe@PTTU

Top 9 Weird Asteroid Names (and 1 Awesome Asteroid Moon Name) http://bit.ly/YdSEru

Yep, the author (and mining engineer) in me are chewing over asteroid mining, diamond planets and ancient flood channels buried by lava…got to be a good story in there somewhere!

If anyone else has some interesting sci-fi or space facts you’ve seen on Twitter or FB, or maybe someone you follow that always has the coolest stuff, please share!

AnnAnnaHacketta Hackett loves action movies, sci-fi shows, short stories, writing her own romantic adventures, her wonderful husband and her little man. You can find her at all the usual places: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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